Wednesday, March 30, 2016

NUCLEAR ASSAULT: Autographed Crap — Up for Grabs!

Autographed Crap
Up for Grabs!

As a collector and admitted
super-fan, I love getting my
hands on rare, autographed
memorabilia from my fave
bands. How 'bout you?

I first met world-renown guitar-shredder, Anthony Bramante, when my band, Dead Serios, was an opening act for his band, Nuclear Assault, while on their first U.S. tour in 1986. By the early '90s, our bands had performed together several times, and Anthony and I had become regular pals. We still are.

Chillin' in my pool with Anthony Bramante - July 1990.
So when Anthony discovered a stack of forgotten, autographed Nuclear Assault memorabilia hidden away in his office while conducting a little recent spring cleaning, he called me up and asked if I'd assist him in hocking his crap, here on The Show Biz Guru. And since he still owes me $5 from back in '89, I figured that this might be the only way to finally settle our account. You can scroll down to see what's up for grabs!

GAME OVER - 1986
CD cover signed by Anthony and Glenn
($30 + $4 S&H)
CD cover signed by Anthony and Glenn
($25 + $4 S&H)
DVD cover signed by Anthony and Glenn
($30 + $5 S&H)
All items are personally signed by Anthony and Nuke drummer, Glenn Evans. All purchased items will be authenticated by a personal photo of Anthony holding said item. Interested collector / buyers can reach out to me via my private email address (below). At that point, I'll put you in direct contact with Anthony. And be sure to tell him that I'm still waiting for my $5!

-Christopher Long
(March 2016)

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