Thursday, March 17, 2016

12 YEARS SOBER: If I Can Do It, So Can You!

If I Can Do It, So Can You!

March 17th  one of my
four favorite holidays. NO,
it's NOT St. Patty's Day!

It's been proven to be the most savvy and successful con since "you know who" rolled up on Eve in the Garden of Eden. But you ought not feel like a dope if you've been duped. I too was once a slave to that oh-so clever marketing scam — a blind sheep being led to the slaughterhouse — gleefully guzzling "soul poison" — gallons at a time.

March 17, 2004  one of the single greatest days of my life. It was the day when, at age 41, the "light" finally came on, as that last shot of sweet liquor slid down the back of my throat. Oh, NOW I get it — this is STUPID! I've recounted the details of my sobriety so often over the years that most of my longtime readers can probably recite the story verbatim. However, should your curiosity be piqued, I've attached links (below) to my various past anniversary features.

In the immortal words of Pete Townshend,
"I won't get fooled again!"
Please be sure that the motive behind my annual anniversary posts is NEVER to judge or condemn anyone. I don't even take any personal credit for my sobriety. That definitely was a gift from above. Thanks, Jesus — I owe you, BIG TIME! Truth be told, I love people. And maybe, just maybe, through sharing my personal story, some sort of hope and encouragement might be received by others.

I understand fully that for some, the testimony of an aging, washed-up, wannabe rocker like me might seem preachy. And for others, even the horrifying, irrefutable alcohol-related accident and death statics still fall flat. So, to commemorate my (now) 12 (quality) years of living sober, I thought I'd have a little fun today and attempt to dispel a couple of Madison Avenue-driven, good-time, "sex, drugs & rock and roll" alcohol myths through revealing a few ridiculous, yet extremely accurate photo illustrations. Wow, drinking really IS stupid, isn't it? 

It would be funny, if it wasn't so sad.

The TRUTH will make you FREE!

Should you currently find yourself struggling with an alcohol-related issue, and in need of encouragement regarding getting, and living sober, I welcome you to reach out to me anytime via my personal email address. But remember, I'm NOT a licensed counselor. I am, however, a nightclub DJ — which is kinda the same thing.

-Christopher Long
(March 2016)

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