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WE HAVE LIFT-OFF: Author Amy Sweezey Launches Children's Debut!

(Photos courtesy of James Freeman)
Author Amy Sweezey
Launches Children's Debut!

I had just three questions
upon being invited to
author Amy Sweezey's
recent VIP book launch.
What day? What time?
And what thrill park?

Children's author Amy Sweezey
It was promoted privately as a small media event to be held in the Sky Diner located at Central Florida's famed Fun Spot thrill park. However, in reality, the November 1st launching of author Amy Sweezey's debut children's book, It Never, Ever Snows In Florida, was a full-blown party  a super-sized celebration filled with family and friends, food and fun.

While waiting patiently in line for our author
autographs, I shared some personal space with
WESH morning news anchor, Michelle Imperato.
A Michigan native, Amy Sweezey has been one of the most popular and recognizable personalities on the Orlando scene since joining the WESH Channel 2 team as the morning meteorologist back in 2002. And given Sweezey's Central Florida TV news background, it was fun for an old-timer like me to spot some rather familiar faces while attending her event. Hey, that dude looks kinda like Marc Middleton!

Sweezey with WESH morning news
anchor Stewart Moore and his wife Shari.
More than ever before, authors are now exploring tremendous publishing options and enjoying incredible opportunities. And as the saying goes, if you want something done right, (often) you've gotta do it yourself, Hence, many authors, even those with enormous existing platforms are currently opting to go indie.

I could have hung out all day at Amy Sweezey's party,
talking shop with Grass Roots bassist Mark Dawson.
In Sweezey's case, going indie was the smart play. Beautiful-looking and fun-to-read, It Never, Ever Snows in Florida tells an engaging story of a boy named AJ who just happens to live with his TV meteorologist mom in Florida, where, you guessed it — it never, ever snows. He dreams of a day when he can build a snowman, or wear warm boots in the winter like other kids. AJ soon learns that he can't say "never" when it comes to weather.

Sweezey's book launch was really about
kids and connection, families and fun.
For me, Amy Sweezey's event was about much more than merely celebrating the release of her book. It was about people — family and friends of all ages, coming together, sharing some stories and showing some love. Even Sweezey's high school English teacher from Michigan was in attendance to cheer on her star former student. What's not to love about that?

As a fellow writer, I wanted to congratulate 
Sweezey on her official book launch. But
as an uber-perfervid fan, all that came out
of my mouth was, "Book good! I like!" 
Fortunately, for her other many faithful followers, Sweezey's author appearance at the International Community School Bizarre Bazaar on Saturday November 14th will be open to the public. And just in time for the upcoming holiday season, copies of It Never, Ever Snows in Florida will be available for purchase at the daylong event. So buy a book, get it signed, and rock on, dude!

-Christopher Long
(November 2015)


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