Friday, November 27, 2015

"FATAL ATTRACTION" by Bryce Willey (Guest Post)

by Bryce Willey
(Guest Post)

"Guest" writer, Bryce Willey,
has contributed a butt-load of
content to my site in recent
months. Typically dark, and
often disturbing, his poetry
even creeps me out — which
(I guess) is why his work is
so consistently compelling.

Am I falling or am I flying?
Trying to save your soul
for the devil will take his toll.
Putting yours before mine
you said you were mine.
I didn’t think you were for real
but I figured you lied just like last time.
I didn’t know if I was either.
Guess we found out right.

Take a sip from the pot.
Don’t take two or we'll have your head. 
One sip a night is just enough
to hold back the thoughts.
Enough to get you to bed. 
Take too little and you'll want more. 
Take too much and you'll overdose. 

Isn't it crazy how someone will do
whatever it takes to get what
they want — even if it kills them?
Fatal attraction.
Shit, sometimes what we want
IS the thing that kills us.

-Bryce Willey
(November 2015)


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