Saturday, September 26, 2015

"THE HEALING PROCESS" by Bryce Willey (Guest Post)

by Bryce Willey
(Guest Post)

Superstar "guest,"
Bryce Willey, returns
this month with another 
compelling contribution.


When I hit the floor — I hit hard.
It's painful — it never feels good.
I usually don't get up for awhile 
not until I realize no one is
there to pick me up.

Drugs maybe. A joint? A shot?
I'm trying — I'm failing
I'm dying from the inside out
like termites eating
eating me like a 2x4 on the ground.

Then I made a friend.
I'm not smoking nor drinking.
I'm healing.
The puss is gone — the blood has dried.
I made another friend. — a good friend.
The blood has been washed away.
I'm seven months sober.

The wound has healed 
the gauze is gone 
skin returned to it's natural state.
There are still problems, but when I fall again,
at least I know I have someone to pick me up

-Bryce Willey
(September 2015)


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