Tuesday, September 1, 2015

GEEZER: Super-Tunes for Super-Teens!

Super-Tunes for Super-Teens!

If it's true that rock and
roll is strictly a young
man's sport, the memo
never made it to Geezër.

"We play super tunes, for super teens," proclaimed Calvin Sizemore, regarding his Miami-based super-crunk, pop-punk combo, Geezër, during a recent interview. The 83-year-old bassist further recalled that the formation of his group in July 2015 happened completely by chance.

"We were headed from the seniors' center in Miami, to Disney World in Orlando, when the bus driver took a wrong turn. Instead of arriving at the Magic Kingdom and being entertained by Mickey and Minnie, we arrived at the Vans Warped Tour and being entertained by some young people called Black Veil Brides and Icon for Hire. Even though our singer's wheelchair got stuck in the mud when we tried crossing through the kids' dance circle, we still got caught up completely in the energy — we started our own music band the next day."

Calvin Sizemore onstage with Geezër
For Sizemore and his other rather unlikely bandmates; 84-year-old vocalist Harvey Geezer, younger twin brother / guitarist Leonard Geezer and 87-year-old drummer Victor Farnsworth, their mission was clear. In short order, the four retirees began writing an arsenal of catchy and concise streetwise tunes and rehearsing every morning in the rec room, back at the seniors' center. Within a few weeks, Geezër was performing to teenage audiences everywhere, while recording songs for their self-titled 2015 debut album release.

"At our age, we've got nothing to lose," Sizemore added. "Old geezers can still dream, ya know. Heck, maybe WE'LL even be on the Warped Tour next summer! Anything is possible, I guess."

-Christopher Long
(September 2015)


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