Friday, August 21, 2015

RECORD REVIEW: Lynch Mob "Rebel"

Lynch Mob
(Frontiers Music)

With a quarter century now
smoldering in the rear view,
Lynch Mob returns with a
blistering new full-length set.

Lynch Mob's second Frontiers Music release, Rebel, delivers exactly what longtime fans have come to expect — super-charged, crunchy guitar riffage colliding with powerhouse vocals, poured into high-intensity fist-pumpers.

Rebel also represents a couple of long-awaited reunions, as celebrated guitarist and Lynch Mob founder, George Lynch, once again teams up with his former Dokken colleague, bassist, Jeff Pilson, original Lynch Mob frontman, Oni Logan, and veteran go-to drummer, Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Billy Idol), to create one of 2015's most anticipated hard rock records.

Lynch performs masterfully throughout — serving up non-stop gloriously gunky gobs of signature-style guitar gymnastics, while Logan's Coverdale-meets-Cornell-meets-Gillen vocal contributions remain as fresh-sounding and exciting as ever. Taking a temporary break from his current gig in Mick Jones' latest Foreigner tribute configuration, Pilson adds more than enough umph to Tichy's Nicko-flavored drum work — making for a hurricane-strength rhythm section.

Logan and Lynch
Soon-to-be-released singles, "Automatic Fix" and "Testify" both pack plenty of rib-cracking, old school punch, while "Sanctuary" and "War" also will likely fill that void many fans have been feeling since the last Lynch Mob record.

Oozing enough nitty gritty, down and dirty blues-based authenticity to compel most any rock dude's chick to climb atop the bar (or maybe mount a pole) and get down, "Pine Tree Avenue" and "Jelly Roll" are both stand-outs among the other nuggets offered in this 11-song set. But it's the Seattle-style "The Hollow Queen" that proves to be one of the shiniest gemstones.

However, the record's biggest payoff is "The Ledge." Possessing magical melody and engaging lyrics combined with vintage Lynch stylings this particular track succeeds best at bridging the gap between past and present musical words — further enhancing the band's impressive legacy.

-Christopher Long
(August 2015)

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