Monday, August 3, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "Being a Christian Without Being an Idiot" by Brad Stine

Being a Christian 
Without Being an Idiot:
10 Assumed Truths That
Make Us Look Stupid 
- Brad Stine -

Mmm, D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!
I discovered a super-tasty
treat this summer — one
that offered a full-bodied
faith flavor without any
bitter religious aftertaste. 

Brad Stine is NOT a Christian comedian. He's a Christian, and a comedian yes there's a difference. He's also an engaging author who knows how to entertain readers without compromising his message.

As "they" say, "you can't judge a book by its cover." However, in this case you can most certainly judge it based on the title. In fact, the title alone says it all, and it hooked me immediately.

Stine conveys his bold faith and impressive knowledge of Scripture convincingly throughout the book's 150+ pages. But what makes Stine's work more compelling (to me) than that of many other authors currently cramping the Christian book market is his common sense, laugh-out-loud approach. 

"I don't want a God I can
understand! If the Creator
of the universe's intellect
is equal to mine, we're
all in a world of hurt!"
-Brad Stine


"God has left clues to His
existence throughout our
world, and atheists literally
have to rip out their own
eyes and self-administer
lobotomies not see it."
-Brad Stine

For a Christian author who is also the leader of a renown church or fledgling ministry, the literary "pulpit" can often be as confining as the driver's seat of a Yugo. 'Cuz we all know how open-minded those religious people can be. However, a Christian author who is also a comedian has the freedom, and I dare say, the responsibility to get real — even if it means occasionally stepping playfully on the toes of religious hardliners, atheists, Liberals — and even a few fellow members of  his own show biz community. OUCH! Stine accomplishes this objective masterfully.

I used to take offense when readers or reviewers would refer to my books as "easy" or "quick" reads. Hey, back off! I've got TWO FULL WEEKS of community college credits under my belt! But I now recognize that in today's fast-paced, ADHD iUniverse, the ability to capture the reader's attention and then get to the point, post haste, is actually a pretty valuable skill. And in that regard, Stine carves out his faith-based message in short order, while simultaneously entertaining readers along the way. 

Yet, despite his undeniable comedic chops and street cred, Stine's humor can, from time to time, distract a bit from his "big picture" points. Hence, he's most effective when simply sharing his message and unique personal perspectives without jamming a punchline into each paragraph. However, that's merely a gentle observation, as I thoroughly enjoyed devouring his book (quickly) from cover-to-cover during a couple of my recent summertime Starbucks excursions. 

-Christopher Long
(July 2015)

Brad Stine's
Being a Christian
Without Being an Idiot



C'MON! -

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