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- Guest Feature -
Fair Park - Dallas, Texas
May 29-31, 2015
(Pt. I)

Full-time musician and part-time
Show Biz Guru contributor,
Bryan Dumas, traveled from
the "Bayou State" to the "Lone
Star State" this past weekend
to experience one of the biggest
music industry events of the
year. And he's been cool
enough to file this first-hand,
two-part report. Enjoy!

Also known as the DGS (Dallas Guitar Show), this year's International Guitar Festival ( was a huge success — attracting thousands of enthusiasts from around the world. And not even the non-stop downpours throughout much of the three-day event were going to put a damper on the experience for either me or my (near) lifelong music colleague and admitted fellow "guitar geek" buddy, Kerry McDonough. 

I don't exactly know what this
crazy creature was, but it was pretty
darn cool. Jackson always delivers!
"The Dallas Guitar Show is an
overwhelming conflagration of
buyers / sellers, manufacturers /
vendors, and players / admirers
of all things guitars. For three
days, 'guitar geeks' like me
get a place to feel at home!"
-Kerry McDonough

We discovered an assortment of glorious
early 1950s model Gibson Les Pauls.
It was a musician's paradise, as we were surrounded by guitars, guitars and more guitars — rows and rows of vendors, hocking everything from vintage classics and newly-created customs to amps, gadgets and other related (and non-related) toys and treasures.

The Matthew Davidson Band
Due to the less than cooperative weather conditions, there was no outdoor stage at the 2015 Guitar Festival. However, there were three indoor stages, and Kerry and I enjoyed taking in several sets from an array of live performers, including the Shreveport, Louisiana-based Matthew Davidson Band — featuring my former bass student, Zack Ebey. BRAVO ZACK!

Early 1950s Fender Precision basses have been the longtime "weapon of choice" of singer, songwriter, Sting. And this 1953 model was a real gem. However, priced at $18,500, I had to take a pass this year. But maybe next year!

Kerry McDonough conducting
one of his own informal "clinics"
during the Dallas Guitar Show.
Best friends since our teenage years growing up near Cocoa Beach, FL, Kerry McDonough and I played together in many bands throughout junior high and high school. Kerry was the first kid on our scene to master "Eruption— note for note. As result, we hit every dealer booth at the show. And yes, he did discover an amp that "went up to 11."

No, the DGS has NOT
"gone to the dogs!"
"Many times I would look
up and see Rick Derringer,
Johnny A, or Derek St. Holmes
walking towards me. Most of
them were very amiable to
converse and share stories
with. That spirit of community
without overt ego seems alive
and well at the DGS. Can't
wait till 2016!"
-Kerry McDonough

George Lynch and Derek St. Holmes
live onstage at the 2015 DGS.
One of the brightest 2015 DGS highlights was the super-charged combo performance of longtime Ted Nugent co-conspirator, Derek St. Holmes, and former Dokken guitarist George Lynch. The two legendary musicians thrilled fans with a cavalcade of rock classics, including high-energy remakes of Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll," the Cream staple, "Crossroads," and a blistering 20-minute version of the iconic Nugent / Grange nugget, "Stranglehold" — what could be better? At age 62, St. Holmes still possesses incredible range. Simply put, he looked great and sounded great. For his part, Lynch was caught reportedly smiling (once) during this year's festival. A BIG highlight, to be sure.

Stand by, Pt. II of my story is coming soon!

-Bryan Dumas
(June 2015)



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