Thursday, May 14, 2015

COCOA BEACH KIDNEY WALK 2015: Footprints in the Sand

Footprints in the Sand

The sun was shining and
the surf was rolling in
 a picture perfect day
for celebration of life.

Hundreds of passionate supporters converged at the Cocoa Beach Pier on Saturday, May 9th for the fourth annual  Kidney Walk  an enormous fundraising event for the National Kidney Foundation.

The mission of the NKF is to raise awareness and to educate the public about kidney disease. The foundation also assists kidney transplant recipients financially — helping many to cover the staggering $1,000 in monthly related medication costs.

Following an early morning surfer "Paddle Out" and a fun-filled dance exhibition at 9:30, participants enjoyed complimentary coffee and doughnuts while visiting an array of tent-style sponsor booths. Florida Congressman Bill Posey opened the ceremony officially at 10:00 — followed by a powerful, inspirational prayer from Keith Capizzi, pastor of Club Zion Community Church in Cocoa Beach. Then, it was time to "walk" — a southbound trek that covered a half-mile stretch of beach  then back north to the pier.

Mike the Magic DJ got the Kidney Walk
party off to an early high-energy start.

1 in 9 American adults
has kidney disease 
and most don't know it.

The Cocoa Beach Pier was lined with
loyal Kidney Foundation sponsors.

Kidney disease often
has no symptoms until
it is very advanced.

Speaking from the heart, Florida Congressman
Bill Posey opened the Kidney Walk ceremony.

118,000 Americans are
on the waiting list for a life-
saving organ transplant 
80% of them need a kidney.

Pastor Keith Capizzi "brought"
Jesus to the Pier.

"I'm a walking miracle"
-Robyn Sawczyn
(Kidney transplant recipient)

Hundreds of supporters participated
in this year's mile-long Kidney Walk.

It was a truly heart-warming experience — a coming together of community — families, friends and loved ones — united in an amazing cause. Congratulations to the National Kidney Foundation, and kudos to the many sponsors, as this year's Kidney Walk raised a reported $30,000 in much-needed donations.

-Christopher Long
(May 2015)

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