Wednesday, April 1, 2015

THE RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE 2016 (Pt. I) - "Let the Games Begin!"

(Pt. I)
Let the Games Begin!

In addition to my rather distinguished
show biz background, I've also been
a student of the U.S. political arena
for 40+ years. But before we embark
on this new election cycle, be sure, my
political commentary presented here
on "The Show Biz Guru" is intended
simply as a means of engaging a
healthy dialogue, while harnessing
a certain entertainment factor. 

For many, politics is a full-contact, WWE-style entertainment sport. Yet, despite my unbridled passion for this great American pastime, I felt completely fatigued following the grueling 2012 presidential cycle. It seemed that my underlying "kindness and compassion" message and diligent, year-long effort to take a lighthearted approach while covering the action was missed by more than a few — on both sides of the aisle. As a result, I didn't expect to participate publicly in the 2016 conversation. However, from the moment that Republican Texas senator, Ted Cruzannounced his candidacy officially on March 23rd, I felt the "fire" begin to burn, in short order.

The 2016 GOP field will likely be full and wide open. And for any so-called expert analyst to make a serious prediction regarding the party's nominee at this point, would be downright foolish. As with the NFL, in the political arena, anything can happen — right up 'til the "two-minute warning." But the race will certainly be an exciting one, indeed.

While Cruz is clearly an "attractive" candidate — and he's sure to be a major force, his lack of experience already is drawing fire. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has enormous "brand" value, but I question whether the bitter "W" aftertaste has dissipated sufficiently for him to be embraced fully. Florida senator Marco Rubio remains a political powerhouse. The name recognition that he earned during the last presidential cycle, combined with his Hispanic heritage creates tremendous "curb appeal." New Jersey governor Chris Christie is another potential top contender, despite traveling with a couple of pieces of rather dubious "matching baggage." Former Arkansas governor, and TV talk-show host, Mike Huckabee has been at the forefront of the political scene since his surprising strong showing during the 2008 presidential primary season. Personally, I like Huckabee, but I'm not ready just yet to wager any money on his 2016 chances. As for Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, there's a lot about him that I like. However, there's a lot about him that I find troubling. And I believe that he may prove ultimately toxic to the party in a general election.

Then there's Ben Carson  the "Hermanator" of this cycle. I'm increasingly fascinated by this celebrated and decorated neurosurgeon, best-selling author, and speaker. And since experience is no longer a prerequisite for being president, Carson is about as viable as any of the other GOP hopefuls. I'm extremely eager to see how his role in this story will play out. 

But one thing is for certain — former co-president Hillary Clinton does have the Democrat nomination sewn up. Wow, what a shocker! Americans just love those fun-loving Clinton's. Despite the recent email scandal (or any others from their past), she's as "Teflon" as Bill. And for as much as it grieves me to say — I believe that the 2016 general election is hers to lose — that is, unless the GOP produces a nominee with bona fide David Lee Barrack-like super-rock star sizzle and swagger.

To be continued....

-Christopher Long
(April 2015)

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