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GLENN EVANS: Nuclear Assault's "Pot Head" Drums-Up New Solo Album

 Nuclear Assault's "Pot Head"
Drums-Up New Solo Album

Simply put, Glenn Evans
is a bona fide workaholic,
and a (likely) raving lunatic.

Longtime Nuclear Assault drummer Glenn Evans currently is not only in the midst of gearing up for his band's upcoming 2015 summer "Final Assault" world tour, he's also released an impressive, two solo EPs — in just the last eight months.

Produced and performed entirely by Evans last February at Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, Texas, Beatitude is set to arrive on May 1st via Sidipus Records. "I played and produced everything in less than 20 hours," Evans revealed, during our recent interview.

FEBRUARY 3, 2015:
"I woke up at 3am with a bit of
anxiety about the upcoming tour
with Nuclear Assault, and I smoked
a bowl of marijuana to relax. The
melody for "Pot Head" just came to
me. The next day, I booked a flight
to El Paso and I wrote the song on
the spot at Sonic Ranch Studios."
-Glenn Evans

Glenn Evans at Sonic Ranch Studios.
(February 2015)

"I went into the studio with just an
idea. I locked myself in there for
two days — all alone, except for my
engineer Jerry Ordonez. And I
came out with a finished product."
-Glenn Evans

Evans' follow-up to his 2014 Overload record comes straight out of left field, stylistically — placing the veteran musician far outside his perceived comfort zone — resulting in perhaps his freshest-sounding and most engaging work to date.

Beatitude's controversial single, "Pot Head (I Smoke Marijuana)," already is generating a global Internet buzz. Lacquered with Evans' "Everyman" vocal style and from-the-heart narrative, the song hits hard with a wall-o-brash guitars and pounding drums. A straight-up rock track with a straight-up street message, it'll hook ya, in short order. Would I recommend a download of this ditty, or even share the YouTube link with any of the kids in my church youth group? Not a chance! However, it is a pretty darn catchy tune and it makes for a compelling, wallet-size aural snapshot of the thrash metal kingpin. In fact, in the last 30 years, I can't personally recall a time ever encountering Evans when he hasn't seemed pleasantly "glazed" — so I gotta give him major points for projecting such bold transparency.

The oddest thing about "Pot Head" is that it's actually the record's stylistic "square peg," as the balance of the songs on Beatitude all are super-charged covers of rockabilly classics. Evans' remake of the 1957 Buddy Holly chart-buster, "Maybe Baby," oozes Dave Edmunds-like authenticity, while the suped-up version of Ritchie Valens' 1959 hit, "Ooh My Head," likely will cure whatever ails ya. But it's the Sonny Curtis-penned, 1956 Buddy Holly gem, "Rock Around with Ollie Vee," that shines brightest among the four-song set.

"I filled the rest of the EP with
a few songs in honor of Buddy
Holly (from Lubbock, TX) and
Ritchie Valens — being that their
chartered plane went down on that
exact same day and time in 1959."
-Glenn Evans

Glenn Evans cutting drum
tracks for Beatitude.

"For some reason, I enjoy putting
myself under pressure when it
comes to making a record."
-Glenn Evans

Through Overload, Evans offered a revealing glimpse of his musical DNA that many of his most ardent fans might have found surprising. On Beatitude, that microscope-type view is further magnified. And following the June 1st release of the new Nuclear Assault record, Pounder, and the subsequent six-week world tour, he'll quite likely be headed back to the studio, in short order. But one thing's for sure, when it comes to Glenn Evans' solo work  expect the unexpected.

-Christopher Long
(April 2015)


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