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BOOK REVIEW: Larry Ollison "The Paradise of God"

The Paradise of God
- Larry Ollison -

I've woken up and had
morning coffee with
Larry Ollison more
times in the last six
months than I did with
my ex-wife during our
entire 13-year marriage.
Simply put, I am a fan!

As an avid reader, I gravitate towards the non-fiction genre. I've always connected best with personal stories based on the author's unique, real-life experiences and perspectives. But in recent years, I've become attracted less to the "Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll" sagas that I once consumed during my pig-like past, (e.g., KISS, Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin) and drawn more to riveting, faith-based "tell-alls" (e.g., Andrew Wommack, Kenneth Hagin, Dr. Larry Ollison).

I first discovered author / pastor / teacher (and pilot) Larry Ollison last fall when his book, Life Is In The Blood (LOM / 2011), was part of my Bible College class curriculum. I was hooked immediately by Ollison's engaging, no-nonsense, conversational style. Well-written and Biblically on-point, I found his message to be a beautiful blessing, and a snap to grasp. And his work now has become the second-most essential part of my daily Starbucks devotions. Morning, Larry! How ya doin'?

"We need to know the Word, but we also
need to understand that it takes the blood
of the Lamb and the Word to overcome."
-Larry Ollison (2011)

Through the pages of Life Is In The Blood, Ollison breaks down that wall-o-religious "stuff," and reveals honest and simple Gospel truths. He nails down his key points — the power in the name of Jesus, the power of His blood and the power of the Word in a way that even an admitted Nugent-nut like me can relate to easily.

In The Power of Grace (Harrison House / 2013), Ollison encourages believers effectively to pursue holiness and to remain rooted deeply in the Word. He describes Grace as "the ultimate power," and he further describes Grace, combined with Faith, as "Power Partners."

"God teaches through his Word,
not through pain and suffering."
-Larry Ollison (2013)

"You CAN'T change your past,
but you CAN overcome your past."
-Larry Ollison (2013)

Ollison's latest, The Paradise of God (Harrison House Inc / 2014), carves out some of his most compelling content to date. Hence, readers may want to first purchase a comfy pair of spiritual "big boy" pants before diving in. But be sure, Ollison still connects — and without pretense.

"You are never more righteous than the
day of your salvation. Righteous is what
you are. Holy is what you become."
-Larry Ollison (2014)

Are we, in fact, living in the last days? Is there really a Heaven and Hell? When will we see Heaven? What will it look like and what will we look like when we get there? And what's the 411 on this whole Rapture dealio? These all are very legitimate questions asked often by believers and non-believers alike — all of which Ollison addresses through his trustworthy breakdown of relevant scriptures and personal anecdotes.

Other topics Ollison tackles include; Christ's crucifixion and resurrection, free will and accepting responsibility for the choices we make, the false religious myth of purgatory and an in-depth discussion of angels.

"Angels are messengers in most cases.
They bring a message from God to
the born-again saints and usually
these messengers are spiritual
angelic beings of great power."
-Larry Ollison (2014)

Simply put, I am a huge Larry Ollison fan. His books actually serve as mighty, individual beach bag-sized Bible College crash-courses. And his voice offers me consistent insight, encouragement and inspiration regarding THE most important aspect of my life enhancing my personal relationship and walk with Jesus Christ. Thanks dude — tomorrow, the coffee is on me!

-Christopher Long
(April 2015)

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