Thursday, March 19, 2015

THRIFT STORE ADVENTURES (PT XV): Friends and Family Edition

Friends and Family Edition

Wow, it's been nearly
year since my last
Thrift Store Adventures
installment. But this one
was well worth the wait!

I was delighted to hear that my friend Sandy and her son Zack were planning a Spring Break trip to Florida this week — an escape excursion from their home up north where it's "wicked" cold. Sandy and I have been friends for nearly 30 years, and much of her family has been family to me for most of my life. So I wasn't surprised when she called me immediately upon their arrival in "The Sunshine State" and inquired, not about discount Disney tickets, but about the area's best thrift store locations. "I've got this totally covered," I assured her. "I'll pick you two up in the morning at 10:00 sharp." 

The weather was perfect  sunny skies and 83°. Our mission was simple  score as much awesome crap as possible in just four hours. Our destination  a few of my favorite haunts: The Women's Center / Furniture and More (Melbourne), Holy Name Thrift Shop (Indialantic), Second Wind (Indian Harbour Beach), and The Lamb Shoppe (Satellite Beach). Let the games begin!

Sandy spotted this fabulous little
number, straight out of the gate.

While some phones are rather
serious, others are flat out...

The guys from my Bridge 
club would be SO jealous of
this "Pepto" pink raincoat!

I've heard of zebras, tigers and
bears — oh my! But just what the
heck this creature is — you got me.

Simply put, Sandy and Zack scored 
big time today at the Lamb Shoppe.

It wasn't the 8-Track format
that I'd been searching for, but
I was still psyched to pick up
my ninth copy of Foghat Live.
"You know the rhythm is right!" 

The award for "Find of the Day"
went to Zack — hands-down.

Although I wasn't privy to Sandy and Zack's official tally, I will reveal that I personally scored three super-fun T-shirts, one amazing pair of purple skinny jeans, a groovy knit hat and three CDs. My grand total — $9. Spending a beautiful Florida spring day out thrifting with friends and family priceless!

-Christopher Long
(March 2013)

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