Tuesday, December 2, 2014


My Holiday 
Classic Returns!
"Black Friday" what a sad 
social commentary — Americans 
from coast-to-coast, poised to 
pulverize their fellow man in 
order to score sweet deals on 
iGadgets that will be obsolete 
by next Easter. Good thing I 
created and launched an 
annual shopping alternative 
way back in 2011  a truly 
fabulous celebration. And 
that day is TODAY!

'Tis the season to be jolly, right? Well, what's so gosh darn "jolly" about being trampled and pepper-sprayed on the day after Thanksgiving? Not much. Hence, I launched my PINK TUESDAY celebration four years ago. What's PINK TUESDAY, you ask? It's a truly "jolly" and fabulous celebration that I've designated to take place each year on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. But instead of converging on silly supercenters that offer virtually nothing swell, I've called for my peeps to swoop down on their fave local thrift stores to score super-groovy early bird deals on the truly cool swag that friends and family really want for Christmas — for instance, '80s cassettes, 90s fashions and / or Hannah Montana collector's sets.

I discovered this Hannah Montana 
Christmas collector's set while thrifting recently.
Please, Santa! Oh PLEASE, Santa!
I enjoyed the PINK TUESDAY experience thoroughly in 2011 and 2012. However, like last year, I find myself in 2014 once again kicking off the holiday season while in the jungles of Nicaragua — praying for sick babies, blessing families in need, and just generally spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout one of my all-time favorite Third World nations. 

Nicaragua 2014
I hope to partake in belated PINK TUESDAY festivities upon my return to the U.S. next week. But for today, in my absence, I encourage my readers everywhere to go out into the world — go in peace, go in love, and (thrift) shop 'til ya drop — heck, it's PINK TUESDAY for goodness sake MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

-Christopher Long
(December 2014)



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