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CONCERT REVIEW: Devon Allman - 11.23.14 (Guest Post)

@ Earl's Hideaway 
Sebastian Beach, FL (11.23.14)

The joint was jumpin' and 
"guest contributor" Michelle 
Wilson managed her way 
once again up front in order 
to deliver another compelling, 
first-hand concert feature.

The first time I heard Devon Allman and his band perform live was on January 2, 2014 at the King Center in Melbourne, Florida when they opened for Gregg Allman — and I was hooked. The son of Gregg and nephew of the late Duane Allman, Devon has quietly carved out a niche of his own in the music world. He bears an uncanny resemblance to Duane, both in appearance and facial expressions, and clearly the searing guitar skills were passed on as well. Backed by a tight, incredibly accomplished band including guitarist Bobby Schneck, Jr., bassist Steve Duerst and drummer Anthony Nanney, the boys played the last show of this tour to the delight of a likely record crowd on a splendid Sunday afternoon at Earl’s Hideaway, and I was right up against the stage to revel in the experience.

Allman's  prized Cherry 'Burst is signed...
"To Devon  Keep Rockin'" - Les Paul
 Steve Duerst
Kicking it off about 4:20pm and playing for around two hours, the band offered up a nice mix of Honeytribe and solo material, including “Mahalo” and “Torch” off the 2006 Honeytribe record, Torch, “Homesick” and “Turn Off the World” from Turquoise, Allman’s first solo effort, and they even pulled out a couple of Allman Brothers tunes including “Melissa” and the Marshall Sehorn / Elmore James-penned blues classic, “One Way Out.” In addition, the quartet dazzled with several new tracks that appear on the latest release, Ragged and Dirty (Ruf Records / October 2014), including “Back to You,” “Leavin’,” “Midnight Lake Michigan” and “Leave the City.” Also appearing on this second solo collection and performed at the show were a cover of the Thomas Bell / Phil Hurtt-authored “I’ll Be Around,” recorded and released by The Spinners in 1972, as well as a cover of the Otis Taylor track “Ten Million Slaves.”

Anthony Nanney
Michelle Wilson with The Devon Allman Band
(Photo: Rina Marie Braley-Yanko)
There was nothing about this show that I didn’t love, and a nicer, more talented bunch of guys you could not hope to meet. The epitome of graciousness, they signed CDs and posed for pictures long after the show had ended. The weather was perfect, the music was stellar and the crowd was lovin’ every blues-soaked minute of it. The band loved the venue, and I KNOW that when they return, I will be there!

-Michelle Wilson
(December 2014)


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