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Well, here we are again   
bidding (hopefully) a fond 
farewell to another year 
gone by, and prepping to
embrace all the promise 
of the new one rolling in.
So, how was your 2014? 
I was kinda busy...

I kicked off 2014 with a bang — attending the January 2nd Melbourne, Florida concert performance of rock legend, Gregg Allman. I celebrated a milestone on St. Patty's Day  a full decade of sobriety. And in May, my third book, SHOUT IT OUT LOUD, was released and it has been thus far receiving glowing reviews. BTW, I currently have two additional book projects in development, including my upcoming fiction debut, entitled SUPERSTAR.

Entitled SHOUT IT OUT LOUD, my 
third book was released in May 2014.
The summer was a total gas. I served once again as an adult leader at East Coast Christian Center's week-long (Invasion) youth camp, held near Gainsville, Florida. As they say, "Never say 'never'," and by the end of July, I'd done the unthinkable — I actually went back on tour with a rock band — The RockNRoll Chorus. I recounted the entire incredible experience in a three-part series last August. You can read my story here: Pt. I, Pt. II, Pt. III.

Last fall, my award-winning band, Dead Serios, was snatched from the jaws of retirement after a near four-year hiatus. And on September 26th we appeared onstage alongside such national chartbusters as Great White, Faster Pussycat and Enuff Z'nuff at Florida's annual outdoor '80s In The Park rock festival. (Get the skinny on the 30-year Dead Serios saga HERE.)

It felt great to once again be back 
onstage with Dead Serios in 2014.
By year's end, I was back in the missionary field, spreading the "Good News" of Jesus Christ throughout my favorite Third World nation of Nicaragua. During my team's eight-day excursion, the sick were healed, the hungry were fed and hurting folks everywhere were blessed. I look forward to sharing my full story with readers in the new year.

Q: What's cooler than missionary work?
A: Nuthin'
But "The Show Biz Guru" has become a wildly popular entertainment-based Internet destination for a reason. So let's swoop in and take a look at some of the music, movies, books and concerts that made 2014 such a memorable year...


Space Invader

For the last 40 years, I've maintained a soft spot in my heart (and my head) for the music of the rock band KISS, as well as for the solo projects of its various past and present members. Although Frehley's 2009 Anomaly record fell short of matching his longstanding level of excellence, "the Spaceman" was redeemed with the release of his latest, Space Invader. "Ace is back," indeed with the best rock record of 2014. Other notable releases in 2014 include Queen - Live at the Rainbow '74, Dennis DeYoung - Live in Los AngelesJake Hamilton - Beautiful RiderChicago - Now (Chicago XXXVI), and She and Him - Classics.



Amway Center / Orlando, FL 

Two legendary singer / songwriters together, live onstage. It was a magical, once in a lifetime combination that made for my best concert experience of 2014. Other great shows this year included Soundgarden, Taking Back Sunday, and Jonny Lang.




Given the mind-numbing and often moronic, lowbrow content currently clogging my local cineplex, this film truly was a breath of fresh air when it arrived in theaters last March — the best of 2014, by far. Yet despite the slim pickins, I did enjoy a couple of other box office winners this year, including Heaven is for RealSt. Vincent and The Gambler.



Brent Jensen

I discovered a fistful of fascinating non-fiction titles this year. KISS co-founder Paul Stanley revealed a riveting read with the release of his long-awaited autobiography, Face the Music, while Galadrielle Allman offered a deeply personal story of her father, Duane, in the pages of Please Be With Me. However, it was Canadian author and rock journalist, Brent Jensen, who truly gripped me with his latest, Leftover People. Jensen has been building a loyal international audience since the release of his 2012 debut, No Sleep 'Til Sudbury. He completed his third book recently, and I'm eagerly anticipating its tentative 2015 release.


Creston Mapes

Simply put, Atlanta's "golden boy," Creston Mapes, is the "McCartney" of suspense authors. In 2014, he concluded his popular Crittendon Files series with the release of the edge-of-your-seat thriller, Sky Zone. And for my money, it was the year's best!


There ya go, friends 2014 in a thumbnail overview. Thanks for taking the time this year to stop by and visit me here on "The Show Biz Guru." I hope that your 2014 was epic and that 2015 will be equally memorable. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

-Christopher Long
(December 2014)

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