Friday, November 7, 2014

"LADY BUG: ACTION HERO" (High-Energy Youth Production Comes to Florida's King Center)

King Center / Melbourne, FL
Thursday / Nov. 13, 2014 / 10:30am

The King Center's current 
Theatre for Youth season 
is packed with must-see 
productions. And this 
one looks to be epic!

Based on the popular children’s book by Kim Tuttle and Catherine Goldman Bloomfield, Lady Bug: Action Hero tells the incredible story of Lady Bug and her madcap crew  Betsy the ditsy blond butterfly, wise old Mr. Turtle, Jeremy the hip-hopping frog and an outrageous tap-dancing caterpillar. 

But it's not always fun and games in the 'forest of forever.' And as the story unfolds, Lady Bug must use her awesome karate skills in order to protect her friends from the "ferocious fire ants." Uh, wait a second. "Awesome karate skills?" Wow, this is sounding pretty cool!

This world-class fantasy production seems to have it all — a fun story, compelling characters, a dazzling set and amazing costumes — combined with meticulously crafted choreography performed by a professional international dance troupe — capped off with engaging narration.
"Our commitment to fostering 
a positive experience for youth 
remains a priority through the 
programs offered each year."
-Karen Wilson (Theatre for Youth Director)

More than merely a great show, Lady Bug: Action Hero is also a great first story ballet and theatrical experience for young theatre patrons. As a rough-and-tumble, super-macho kind of guy, I know that many of my legendary football heroes and all-time favorite rock stars actually have taken ballet in order to perfect their performance. Hence, this production will appeal to girls and boys of all ages. And I will certainly be loading up the ol' minivan with many of my soccer mom besties and elementary school-aged cronies, as none of my peeps plan to miss this production.

BTW, to say "thanks" for the community's support, The King Center will be donating a copy of the Lady Bug: Action Hero book to the library of the top three schools that bring the most students. A sweet deal, to be sure!

-Christopher Long
(November 2014) 

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