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Blood In, Blood Out
Nuclear Blast Records 

The architects of San Francisco's
thrash scene return with their 
first new record in four years. 
And simply put, the band 
remains as brutal as ever.

Thrash mongers EXODUS return this month with Blood In, Blood Out — the band's 10th studio effort. Produced by Grammy-nominated go-to guy, Andy Sneap (AcceptKreatorMegadeth), it's the band's first record since hitting the Billboard Top 200 with Exhibit B: The Human Condition in 2010.

First formed in 1980 by guitar icon Kirk Hammett and drummer Tom Hunting, the San Francisco-based combo unleashed its ferocious worldwide debut album Bonded by Blood in 1985. Stand-out tracks from that record, including "Strike of the Beast" and "A Lesson in Violence," provided the road map that many others would follow to platinum-selling success throughout the next decade.

A thrash metal classic!
Tracing the lineage of many of the classic bands from the era now requires a heavy metal GPS and EXODUS is no exception. However, the current lineup includes original drummer Tom Hunting, longtime guitarist / songwriter Gary Holt, familiar vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza, guitarist Lee Altus (since 2005) and bassist Jack Gibson (since 1997).

"This entire band could 
not be more proud and 
excited for this record to 
hit the U.S. like an atom 
bomb. D-Day is upon us, 
time to go to war." 
-Gary Holt

"If you love what EXODUS 
has done over the past 30 
years, you're really going to 
love Blood In, Blood Out."
-Steve "Zetro" Souza

The 11-track set is available in various formats — LP (colored vinyl), CD, digi-pak (with bonus tracks) and as a digital download.

The record's crowning jewel, "Collateral Damage," is a blistering treat, while "BTK" and "Wrapped In The Arms Of Rage" showcase the band's enduring fury. And possessing a Ramones-like guitar buzz,"Numb" also serves as an impressive highlight.

The signature-style EXODUS guitar work  particularly the dual shredding — remains impeccable, and Souza's vocals are simply brutal throughout.

EXODUS will be joining Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies for a U.S. fall tour that will commence in Oakland, California on November 11th.

-Christopher Long
(October 2014)

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