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CRAIG GOLDY: Rock Guitar Legend Unveils New Supergroup Project

 Rock Guitar Legend Unveils 
New Supergroup Project

He's been a bona fide 
arena rock legend for 
30+ years  playing to
sell-out crowds worldwide 
and on an array of chart-
busting records. And in 
2014, guitarist, songwriter, 
author and philanthropist, 
Craig Goldy, returns to the
rock and roll "champagne 
room" with a new super-
group project that truly 
has fans buzzing.

As an admitted, true blue arena rock aficionado who has seen practically every major act of that era live on- stage, I can claim with considerable authority and without any fear of contradiction that there was (and is) NO greater guitarist of that ilk than Craig Goldy. And when he recently set aside some time to chat with me regarding his new band, I was, to say the least, over the moon.

Barely into his 20s, Goldly was first detected on rock's radar during the early '80s as the guitarist for the promising So-Cal comboRough Cutt. And by late 1984, the San Diego  native had graduated to "solid gold" status with MTV poster boys, Giuffria.

In 1985 Goldy was invited to participate in Hear 'n Aid — an all-star African famine relief recording project that featured members of the biggest rock acts of the day, including Journey, Night Ranger, Judas PriestIron MaidenQuiet RiotMötley Crüe, Twisted Sister and Queensrÿche.

Craig Goldy (far right) scored his 
first gold album and Top 20 single 
with the band Giuffria - circa '84.
Ronnie James Dio and Craig Goldy 
together onstage in the early 2000s.
"I'm just a fan that 
was lucky to get into 
a lot of things."
-Craig Goldy (2014)

Following the 1986 departure of original guitarist Vivian Campbell, Goldly was tapped to join the platinum-selling rock band Dio and was soon performing at sold-out "enormo domes" worldwide, as well as playing on the band's 1986 Intermission and 1987 Dream Evil  albums. And despite various ups and downs over the years, Goldy's close personal and professional relationship with the band's iconic founding front- man, Ronnie James Dio, endured until his passing in 2010. "I learned so much from that man," Goldly said of his longtime friend and mentor. 

"Sometimes musicians 
turn into 'ex-girlfriends.' 
Ronnie wasn't like that."
-Craig Goldy (2014)

Goldy returned to the Top 20 in the early '90s — this time as a songwriter — collaborating with David Lee Roth on the track "Lady Luck" for the "gold" album A Little Ain't Enough. By the late '90s, Goldy had written an insider industry book and began teaching a college course offering valuable related advice, guidance, insights and encouragement to aspiring music artists. And soon, his curriculum had been certified and approved to be part of the state of California's Bachelors program. "If you've got a gift and have been touched by the hand of god," Goldy commented, "there's a place for you." 

"We (the music profession)
should be thought of as highly
as doctors and lawyers." 
-Craig Goldy (2014)

Today, Craig Goldy's plate is as full as ever. He spends much of his time touring internationally with the all-star tribute collective, Dio Disciples. The band consists of former Dio bandmates, as well as past and present members of such other legendary acts as AC/DCYngwie Malmsteen  and UFO. "We don't approach the DD shows so much as a rock concert, but as a memorial service," Goldy confessed. Under the nameCraig Goldy's 13th Floor, he recorded and released "Hole In My Heart" and "Dark Rainbow" in 2014. Proceeds from the songs benefit the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund.

"I'm playing better and 
writing better than ever."
-Craig Goldy (2014)

Yet of all of his career accomplishments over the years, what Goldy seems most enthusiastic about these days is his new all-star band. And although he wasn't quite ready officially to reveal the name of the powerhouse project at the time of our interview, he was  MORE than eager to connect many of the other dots.

Fueled and inspired by such classic rock heavyweights as Rainbow and Deep Purple, the band's story began a year or so ago when Goldy's girlfriend took him to see a Deep Purple tribute concert in Los Angeles for his birthday — that's when he first discovered frontman / vocalist Mark Huff, onstage. "Its taken me a long time to get excited about a singer since Ronnie passed away," Goldy said of Huff. "He's one of the best vocalists left on the planet. He pulls off Gillian, Coverdale, and Ronnie  he's three singers in one."

"It's not MY band. 
It's A band."
-Craig Goldy (2014)

"The spirit of this 
band is, 'be yourself.'"
-Craig Goldy (2014) 

(Photo: Alex Solca -
"I wanted to put the 'holy 
shit' factor back in rock."
-Craig Goldy (2014) 

"We've got (musical) 
twists and turns that 
people won't expect."
-Craig Goldy (2014) 

The band also features current hard rock go-to guy Dario Seixas on bass, drummer Chris Moore and guitarist / keyboardist Wayne Findlay.

Humble and down to earth, Goldy confessed, "I'm so honored to be working with Mark, Dario, Chris and Wayne." Brimming with enthusiasm for his new bandmates, Goldy further boasted, "Wayne possesses the solo ability of Jon Lord, and Chris can 'become' Bonham or Paice when needed."

Represented by longtime music industry vet and former Giuffria manager, Larry Harris, the band is expected to be in the studio this month, with its debut record set for release next year. Stand by — 2015 ought to be a doozie!

-Christopher Long
(October 2014)

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