Saturday, September 6, 2014

RECORD REVIEW: Nicholas "I Fill Myself with You"

I Fill Myself with You

One of my current favorite 
singer / songwriters returns 
this summer with an incredible
collection of new tunes and a 
few re-recorded, previously 
released golden nuggets.

I touted Nick Hildyard (aka Nicholas) in my latest book, SHOUT IT OUT LOUD, as being one of the preeminent artists on today's contemporary Christian music scene. And for as much as I liked his self-titled 2013 record — and I liked it A LOT, his latest effort, I Fill Myself with You, marks an engaging and energized step forward.

Produced by legendary multipurpose go-to ace, Joe Vitale (EaglesJoe WalshCrosby, Stills and Nash), Bruce Hensal and Nicholas, the record launches with "Call My Name." The delicate piano track pops against the subtle yet driving guitar riffs and the lyrics offer uplifting encouragement.

"Our Deliverer" is a re-recorded song from Nick's previous release. However, possessing a "new and improved" sharper edge and some snappy Eagles-style slide work, it's even more compelling than the original version — a bona fide treat, to be sure.

A beautifully heartfelt love ballad, "God Gave Me You" makes for one of the record's brighter moments — a song highlighted by Nick's signature Jon Anderson-meets-Shannon Hoon vocal style.

Also a repeat from his last record, "If Only" is cleaner and more lively than when first released in 2013. Boasting fatter production and additional instrumentation, the tune now packs deliciously crisp drum and guitar work.

"Taking it for Granted" captures a rootsy and organic REO circa '75 vibe and oozes plenty-o-slide guitar factor. Musically, it's the best and most authentic AOR-sounding of the batch.

With its transparent lyrics, honest vocal delivery, and delicate Laurie Partridge-like piano / keyboard work, the mid-tempo title track is a true gem and brings the record to a perfect conclusion.

In sum, I Fill Myself with You is a superb record — one filled with impeccable songs and top-notch performances — a world-class piece of work, indeed.

-Christopher Long
(September 2014)

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