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No apologies. No remorse.
Love 'em or leave 'em —
these are the greatest 
metal tracks ever. 
Why 13? Why not!

Black skinny jeans? Check. High top "Chucks?" Check. Bullet belts? Check. Super long hair? Check. Pale white skin? Check. Loads of unbridled angst? Check. Wailing vocals? Check. Shredding guitars? Check. Spine-snapping double kick? Check. These tracks defined REAL metal. No cheesy arena rock. No soulless nü-metal. So let's crank it up, and rip the knob off!

Wreckage in Flesh
Although the band evolved
stylistically over the years,
in the late '80s, Dr. Know
created straight-up metal.
And it was beautiful, baby!

Peace Sells...
But Who's Buying?
After nearly 30 years, this
track still holds up nicely.
Dave Mustaine's riffs remain
 fresh-sounding, and his lyrics
are as relevant as ever. 

Seasons in the Abyss 
This one marked a melodic 
step forward for the architects
of thrash — and it's perhaps
the crowning jewel of the
band's catalogue.  

Prior to the band's platinum-
selling pop era, Iron Maiden
combined raw-sounding metal
with street-smart punk to
create music that was, at the
time, exciting and dangerous.

Cowboys From Hell
With the release of its electrifying
1990 major label debut, Pantera 
revolutionized metal music in a
similar vein as such pioneers as
Black Sabbath, Judas Priest,
and Metallica. And this track
was a bona fide game-changer!

Mob Rules
In many ways, the Dio version
of Black Sabbath was an overall
stronger, more efficient band than the
original Ozzy-fronted configuration.
This track was the pick of the litter. 

With a seemingly endless slew
of iconic hits from which to
choose, pinpointing one particular
Motörhead classic is no easy
feat. However, this track is
exactly what the doctor ordered!

Metal on Metal
Even a dopey band can deliver
once in a while. And "Metal
on Metal" delivers in spades.
Simply put, it's what I crave!

The Years of Decay
An amazing studio band
and an amazing live band,
possessing impeccable
musicianship and incredible
songs. A-limination, indeed!

the Disease
This New York-based thrash 
combo hit the bull's-eye with the 
opening  track of its 1985
major label debut. 30 years later, 
few have ever matched 
Anthrax's marksmanship. 

Kill 'Em All
Believe it or not, Metallica
was once cool. In fact, the
band's first fistful of records
were loud, brash, innovative
and — extremely cool.
"Seek and Destroy" captures
the band at its nut-busting,
pre-driveling best.

Sad Wings of Destiny
Judas Priest gets it done in a 
concise and creepy three-minute 
blaze of lo-fi glory. Even by
today's metal standard,
"The Ripper" still kills — literally.

Handle With Care
Embraced as warmly by the music 
biz "machine" as a bastard stepkid 
showing up at the family reunion, 
Nuclear Assault never was invited 
to rock's "Champagne Room." 
However, the band possessed
more street cred than most of its
contemporaries. Its unique brand of
no-holds-barred, politically incorrect
metal made this choice a no-brainer.

Okay, dudes — there you go. I hope that everyone had as much fun with this one as I did. Feel free to discuss, share and berate!

-Christopher Long
(July 2014)

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