Saturday, June 28, 2014

LIVE IT UP TODAY! (Guest Post)

Live It Up Today, 
Because You Never 
Know What Might 
Happen Tomorrow

I first received today's
"Guest" feature back in 2001
Kelly was only 13 when she
wrote her honest and deeply
personal story. I loved it so
much that I framed a Xerox
copy and displayed it in my 
home. Now in her 20s, Kelly 
has graciously allowed me 
to share her work with my 
readers. Enjoy!

"Live it up today, because you never know what might happen tomorrow" is a sentiment that's very personal to me. I've heard many people say this, but it rang true for me in May 1999 — when my grandmother passed away.

My grandmother was an angel on Earth. She was the world to me. She was the only person in my family who I could really talk to, and I didn't worry about what I said. We would always go to the beach when I went to visit her in Florida. Even when she couldn't go to the beach with me, I never stopped loving her. We shared a few jokes now and then that were just between us. She was basically my best friend. While we were having such a great time, I usually forgot that she had a rare cancer called multiple myeloma which is a cancer that affects the bone marrow and plasma cells.

In May 1999, I was called out of class and was told that my dad was coming to get me. When I heard this, I secretly started panicking. My mother was already down in Florida with my grandmother. She told me that my dad would come and get me out of school if something was wrong.

I knew that my grandmother was on the fast track downhill. On the beginning of the first week I was in Florida, they told us that she was brain-dead. That was so hard to hear for anyone who is losing a loved one. The next day we got the phone call that I wished never came, but did. They called to say that my grandmother had just died. All the memories of the times that we had shared came rushing back to me. I loved her so much. I still do. She was my angel on Earth, but now she is my guardian angel in heaven.

"Live it up today, because you never know what might happen tomorrow." Life is very precious and fragile, and you have to enjoy every second  that you have like it's your last. Never take anything for granted.

-Kelly Nale

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  1. Wise beyond her years, Kelly's insightful and touching realization that coming to grips with the loss of a loved one should reinforce our will to live everyday to its fullest, is too often buried in our subconscience. It's such a simple creed. Perhaps, too simple to keep in mind as we muddle through the complexities of our everyday lives. Nonetheless, I shall try to remember.