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BOOK REVIEW: "Sky Zone" by Creston Mapes

 Sky Zone
- Creston Mapes -
(David C. Cook Publishing)

Like a crack dealer, enticing
wide-eyed customers at
the local schoolyard,
Creston Mapes once again
lures, hooks and reels
readers in from the very
first tantalizing toke.

Creston Mapes solidifies his impeccable reputation as the "Jimmy Page" of suspense authors with his newly released edge-of-your-seat saga, Sky Zone — the third and final installment of his gripping Crittendon Files series.

It's been a tumultuous last few years for Ohio newsman, Jack Crittendon. The ace reporter recently has cracked major crime mysteries and his family has been the target of a violent, lunatic stalker. He's also survived serious physical injuries and faced the loss of loved ones. And things continue to rev up for Jack in the pages of Sky Zone. His wife, Pam, will soon be giving birth to the couple's third child. Yet despite the excitement of Pam's pregnancy, Jack's life hasn't suddenly become a bed of roses.

It's been eight months since Jack Crittendon was relieved of his position at the Trenton City Dispatch and the now unemployed journalist finds himself working a rather humbling, part-time minimum wage security job at the nearby 12,000-seat Festival Arena.

"Sky Zone crackles 
with Creston at the 
top of his game."
-Jerry B. Jenkins
New York Times bestselling 
author of Left Behind

But a seemingly routine night at the venue soon takes an outrageous turn as a potential terrorist attack is uncovered — a plot designed to thwart a campaign rally being held for independent Presidential hopeful, Senator Martin Sterling.

Given Sterling's hardline pro-America, anti-terror platform, an attack of this nature seems logical, if not expected — and Jack's friend and co-worker — conspiracy obsessed, survivalist and Desert Storm war vet, Brian Shakespeare, comes to the party prepared and "ready to rock." Let the drama ensue!

In addition to introducing a cast of compelling new characters, Sky Zone also reunites readers with popular characters from Mapes' previous books — Everett Lester, the charismatic world-famous rock star, his wife and young son, as well as various members of the Crittendon family. For longtime Mapes fans, these reunions create a nice comfort zone in which to experience this wild and fresh  adventure.

Mapes plays all of his best cards — good guys and bad guys, terrorists and politicians (there's apparently a difference), FBI agents, friends, family and a menagerie of heroes — all woven neatly together into the fabric of a tension-filled, Five-Star thriller that also offers a super-sized, faith-based bonus payoff. (CRESTON MAPES OFFICIAL WEBSITE)

-Christopher Long
(June 2014)


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