Saturday, May 31, 2014



What goes better with
relaxing in the surf,
sand and sun than a
cool drink and a hot
read? And I've got a
bunch of groovy new
books stashed in the
ol' iBag this season!

Poison Town (2.1.14)
Sky Zone (6.1.14)

Atlanta-based author Creston Mapes
delivers the finest "beach blanket" thrillers
around! Last summer, I was reeled in and
quarantined by Fear Has a Name — the
first installment of his "Crittendon Files"
 trilogy. This summer, I'm kicking off
the season by finishing up Pt. II, Poison
Town. And in short order, I expect to be
devouring the series conclusion, Sky
Zone, when it's released next week.


I consider Joseph Prince to be one of my
best friends — although we've never met.
Simply put, his 2010 book, Destined to
Reign was a life-changing read. I was
delighted when I received a copy of his
latest, The Power of Right Believing, a
few days ago from my writing partner,
Bryan Dumas.I finally got a chance to
dive into it this morning. And it is, in
a word, magnificent!
"When you believe right,
you will live right."
-Joseph Prince


This book came recommended to me
recently by a friend on GoodReads.
I was intrigued immediately by the
promising story of 17-year-old Rory,
a young man coming to grips with his
loss of innocence, the discovery of
truths and — punk rock music. I'll
certainly keep ya posted on this one!


Stealing Margo was sent my way just a
few days ago by my friend Crystal —
a super-cool chick who "gets" my taste
in books. She's never steered me wrong
in the past, hence, I'm eager to tear
into it sometime before Labor Day!


The latest from author Anna
Weaver appears to be the story
of her real-life experiences as a
 member of a Christian version
of The Partridge Family.

I'm SO on board!

Okay, enough writing — I've got some serious reading to do!

Hey, can somebody give me a hand with this darn sunscreen please?

-Christopher Long
(May 2014)

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