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SHOUT IT OUT LOUD (An Excerpt From My New Book)

An Excerpt From
My New Book

It's been more than two
years in development,
but my third book,
finally is set to arrive
as an Amazon Kindle
title on 5.13.14.
Here's a tasty little
slice of what's to come. 

Welcome to the Jungle

Given my rock and roll 
past, I never would have
expected to get busted for 
smuggling drugs into a
Third World country — 
while on a missionary trip.

Upon arriving at the airport in Managua, the capitol of Nicaragua, our team had to navigate through Customs. The first checkpoint was a snap and I naively thought that we were home free. However, after picking up our luggage, we encountered a second, more stringent checkpoint. I only had a carry-on, but there were several other additional bags filled with supplies that our team needed to get through Customs. So I was assigned a particular suitcase to bring through the second checkpoint — and I assumed that the suitcase I had picked up belonged to someone from our team.

As I proceeded to breeze right through the second checkpoint, I was stopped by a Nicaraguan security guard. “Señor! Señor! Eeze theeze yor bag?” he asked as he held up the suitcase that I had just placed on the conveyor belt. “Uh, yeah,” I replied with considerable trepidation. Things then began happening very quickly and my heart started to race as I was pulled aside by armed guards who didn’t even speak my language. My worst fear was being realized — I was about to get busted at Customs, Paul McCartney-style, circa 1980, while entering a foreign country.

There I was, surrounded by Customs agents at an airport in a Third World nation. To say the least, the language barrier was posing an immediate concern. I knew how to say “yes” and how to count to six in Spanish, but my overall command of the language was limited to the bits of slang that I’d picked up from watching old Cheech & Chong movies — and I didn’t think that “pendejo” was the wisest word to offer mis amigos at that particular moment.

My state of panic intensified when the agents tore open the suitcase and to my dismay, bottles of drugs began spilling onto the airport floor. To make matters worse, I turned around to seek guidance or some type of moral support from any of my dedicated teammates, but they’d seemingly ALL disappeared! I was ALONE, facing interrogation by Spanish-speaking Customs officials — with guns. Oh, where was “Crazy” Neil when I needed him? But within a couple of minutes, Pastor Kevin and another experienced teammate, Sonny, appeared by my side to offer assistance.

Fortunately, I had in fact picked up the correct suitcase and it did belong to our entourage. Better still, the drugs that were found stashed within the bag actually were vitamins — approximately $1,000 worth, that we were bringing into Nicaragua for the local children. And after considerable passionate “persuasion” from Kevin and Sonny, I finally was released. I wasn’t arrested, but the agents still would not allow me to bring the vitamins into the country without proper documentation. We could, however, reclaim them at Customs on our way out of Nicaragua.


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