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A day for heartfelt celebration
 a day to honor the most
important women in our lives.

Mothers — our greatest treasures. They often sacrifice their own lives — their youth and their freedom in order to give us life — to raise us, care for us, love and nurture us.

I've written extensively about my mom over the years, and what her sacrifice, love and our fantastic relationship meant to me. Regrettably, I never appreciated what a tough gig she had until I started a family of my own

My beautiful mother, 
Barbara Long - circa 1958.
(She would have been about 17.)
I lost my mom to multiple myeloma in 1999 — she was just 57 years old. 15 years later, not a day goes by when I don't think about her and wish for just one more Mother's Day celebration in which to honor her. Heck, I'd hack off an arm just to have one last cup of coffee with  my mom — I'd love to get the scoop on the whole Heaven experience and to let her know that I didn't remain a complete screw-up for my entire life. I'd also say "thanks" and "I love you."

My mom sure LOVED her grandbabies!
(Circa 1990)
So, if you're fortunate enough to still  have your mom — you're blessed. Even if your relationship has become splintered, for whatever reason — you're still blessed — trust me. And if you do still have your mom and you enjoy a golden relationship — you're doubly blessed. So take advantage of the occasion this weekend and reach out  — connect or reconnect. Say "thanks" or better yet, say "I love you, mom." Maybe you could even invite her for coffee. I sure wish I could. But I'm just gonna have to shine it on for a few more years.

Happy Mother's Day — to all moms everywhere!

-Christopher Long
(May 2014)

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  1. Good point. Even if your relationship with your Mom is splintered, you only get one Mom!