Sunday, April 13, 2014

RECORD REVIEW: Saliva "Rise Up"

Rise Up
Rum Bum Records

Back in action after a
two-year hiatus, Saliva 
returns to the scene with 
new frontman and a
blistering new record.

Produced by Bobby Huff (3 Doors Down / Shinedown / Halestorm), the eighth album from Saliva, delivers 12 explosive tracks sure to delight longtime fans while appealing to a potential new legion of faithful followers.

"We think it's the best album 
we've done since probably 
the first or second one."
-Dave Novotny 

Leading the charge is the group's dynamic new frontman, Bobby Amaru. The Jacksonville, Florida native replaces original singer, Josey Scott, who left the Memphis-based band in 2012. And along with founding members, guitarist Wayne Swinny, bassist Dave Novotny and longtime drummer Paul Crosby, Rise Up recaptures the guts, groove and glory of such Saliva staples as "Click Click Boom,"  "Always" and "Ladies and Gentlemen."

"It was just one of the most 
enjoyable experiences that I
ever had in the music business."
-Wayne Swinny

Brand spankin' new guitar-driven anthems abound — including the guaranteed fist-pumping lead-off single / title track, "Redneck-Freakshow" and "Army." However, it's bona fide golden nuggets such as "She Can Sure Hide Crazy," "Choke" and "Closer" that make for the record's most compelling moments. 

"Closer, that's like a
relationship going 
through a whole break-up 
thing, seeing yourself
from each other's 
perspective kind of deal."
-Bobby Amaru

I fell for every curve, 
twisted by her curse,
I never saw the psycho 

coming. You can fake it 
so good, should live in 
Hollywood, where you 
can be a dime a dozen.
(From "She Can Sure Hide Crazy")

Combining the no-nonsense nuts of Papa Roach with the songwriting edge of Hoobastank, while remaining true to the Saliva sound, Rise Up delivers — across the board. And as long as they continue to maintain dysfunctional relationships with crazy women, the band clearly still has plenty of gas in the tank and tread on the tires. 

-Christopher Long
(April 2014)

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