Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SHOUT IT OUT LOUD (The soundtrack to my new book?)

The soundtrack
to my new book

Movies have soundtracks.
TV shows have soundtracks.
Churches have soundtracks.
Books don't have soundtracks.
Or do they?

Author Steve Almond's 2010 memoire, Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life, was a particular treat for me. Not only because the self-proclaimed "drooling" music fanatic delivered a compelling and highly entertaining story, but also because it included its own soundtrack. Hey, wait a second — books don't have soundtracks. Well apparently, they do now.

Record industry mogul, Clive Davis, once said, "music is the soundtrack to our lives." And in today's busy, fast-paced world, everything seemingly has a soundtrack. But if your life is too busy and fast-paced to recognize or archive your own personal soundtrack, fear not. Professional "music curators" now rake in the big bucks to create specialized playlists for corporations and Internet services who, in turn  (for a fee), want to show and tell us exactly who, and what, we should be listening to while navigating through every aspect of our busy, fast-paced lives — from walking on the beach to grocery shopping to shampooing our poodles. Actually, I made that last one up, but for the right money, I'm sure that there's a "curator" somewhere who will happily help you handle your hound.

While I certainly would never tell anyone what to listen to while reading one of my books, I can reveal which songs I was listening to when I wrote them — or at least point to the music and artists who helped to inspire my stories.

Entitled, SHOUT IT OUT LOUD: Stories of Fast Times and Faith, From the Show Biz Guru, my upcoming third book will be released on 5.13.14. Recounting my journey from mosh pits to missions fields, SHOUT IT OUT LOUD is the sequel to my 2012 release, C'MON! and it delivers a bumper crop of compelling new personal stories that will entertain and encourage readers. And this eclectic "soundtrack" is an accurate reflection of what's to come. (Click on the artist and title links to bring this list to life.)


Sting is not mentioned anywhere in
my new book. However, having
recently seen the pop icon live in
concert, this one was stuck in my
head and kept me pumped up
throughout the final writing stage.


Fresh and fun, snappy and catchy,
Starr produces perfect pop. I coo
and gush over her and her music in
For Those
About to Rock!


What on earth could this thrash metal
classic have to do with a Christian
teen summer camp? It's revealed in


I love this band! Their unique brand
of funk has inspired me for a decade.
And I had to give them props in


Years before the birth of
the iGeneration, these glitter-
punk misfits were outraging
the status quo. And I was
delighted to feature them in
Culture Clash.


One of my favorite songs from
my all-time favorite album. The
angelic crunch of Tal & Acacia
inspires my work and my life.


Really? Heck yeah! This
super-charged timeless rock
staple inspired the title of


The title track from one of
the most powerful Praise
and Worship records EVER!


This one should be a no-
brainer. It's been keeping me
jacked-up since I was 13!


The Jesus Culture frontchick
sums it ALL up in my #1 super-jam.

Okay, so maybe you can't pick up this soundtrack at your neighborhood Walmart, Starbucks or Best Buy. But if you click on the various title and artist links, you'll achieve the same effect. And in the process, I hope that you discover, or rediscover, some of the incredible music that's created the soundtrack to many of my most amazing recent experiences.

-Christopher Long
(March 2014)

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