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A Decade of Sobriety

March 17th — the day when
it seems that everyone, even
the Landucci kid from next
door claims Irish heritage in
an effort to justify a 24-hour
binger. But for me, the day
holds greater significance.

In his 2005 Top Ten smash single, country music superstar, Toby Keith proclaimed that we have to, "get drunk to be somebody." FYI, that's a lie.

But in the 1999 blockbuster movie, The Wedding SingerAdam Sandler's character offers a distinctly different message to a particular drunken teenager — "alcohol equals puke, equals smelly mess, equals nobody likes you!" FYI, that's the truth.

We never hear a renowned surgeon attribute a successful operation to being "buzzed." No Olympic  champion ever has credited his or her Gold Medal victory to doing a few pre-event shots to "loosen up." In fact, misguided and broken rock stars are the only ones who sing praises to their inebriated superhuman ability — three seconds before choking to death on their own vomit.

Not so long ago, I was that guy. I loved to drink. I was brainwashed by Madison Avenue, deceived by Hollywood and convicted by my own stupidity. My accomplices — Jägermeister and Heineken. My weapon of choice — my automobile, as I drove home drunk frequently from the clubs and bars. How I survived those days without killing anyone is nothing short of miraculous. 

In the words of Toby Keith,
"get drunk and be somebody."
It was St. Patty's Day, 2004. I was DJ-ing at a popular local nightspot, participating in all the rich pageantry the holiday has to offer. But as I felt the warmth of the green-colored mystery concoction gliding down the back of my throat, I received a revelation. At that very instant, I looked around and noticed the unabashed foolishness that surrounded me. A light went off suddenly in my head and I heard the voice of Abe Vigoda say, "C'mon man, this is dumb." That was it. I crumbled the plastic shot glass, threw it in the trash, and I haven't touched a drop since. Praise Jesus!

Alcohol is soul poison. It kills and it destroys — plain and simple. It's the "great lie" sent straight from the pit of Hell — and that's the truth. Please be sure that it's certainly NOT my intention to judge or condemn ANYONE. I merely want to  offer a source of encouragement to people who may also be battling this particular demon. And it is a demon and it is a battle. But it's one that you can win. Believe me, if I could do it, so can you.

-Christopher Long
(March 2014)

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