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How did I know that 
this flick was gonna 
be awesome? 'Cuz 
the other critics have 
been doggin' on it.   

Directed by Christopher Spencer, Son of God arrived in U.S. theaters on February 28, 2014. A condensed version of the ten-hour, 2013 History channel miniseries, this epic two-hour+  big screen recreation of the life, ministry, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ doubled its 22 million dollar budget in its opening weekend. Ha! — Suck on that, Haymitch!

It's amazing how Hollywood can seemingly produce any kind of cinematic sludge these days and fans and critics alike will stand up and cheer. Case in point, the super-successful Twilight and Hangover franchises. But when it comes to silver screen accounts of the Bible, moviegoers and industry hipsters tend to become extremely hypercritical. However, based on my knowledge and passion  regarding the Scriptures, I found Son of God to be, as they say, "close enough for rock and roll."

An epic story. A superb cast.
Editing any work down from ten hours to 138 minutes will likely cost you at least a little something in the continuity department. Yet, Son of God still covers all of the bullet points successfully. Virgin birth, check. Spotless life, check. Perfect ministry, check. Love, kindness, compassion, grace, forgiveness, humility, crucifixion, resurrection — check! Hmm, sounds like a pretty thorough portrait of the Son of God to me.

Simply put, the film looks great. It's a treat to watch and it feels reasonably authentic. Diogo Morgado was absolutely fabulous in the lead role of Jesus Christ. Other notable performances include Roma Downey as the Virgin Mary and Adrian Schiller as Jewish high priest CaiaphasAmber Rose Revah was a joy to watch as Mary Magdalene, Darwin Shaw was brilliant as Saint Simon Peter and Greg Hicks was totally legit as Pontius Pilate.

Jesus Christ is love, forgiveness and compassion.
He's also the one and only Son of God!
I read one review in which the critic doubted that the Son of God actually would "convert" anyone. Well, why not? According to my Bible, "the truth will set you free." And despite some minor "fuzziness," this movie oozes truth.

In sum, Son of God delivers an epic, life-changing story — one that's packed with award-winning performances and is every bit as compelling and entertaining as any modern-day blockbuster. Is it 100% Biblically accurate? Well, that likely will continue to fuel much debate for some time. But c'mon, it's Hollywood, man. And for my money, I'd rather pay $7 to see two hours worth of slightly fuzzy Jesus than sit through any amount of crystal clear foolishness for free.

-Christopher Long
(March 2014)

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