Friday, February 14, 2014

RECORD REVIEW: Carrollton "Breathe in Deep"

Breathe in Deep

Amid the glut
of dubious and
disposable offerings
brimming from this
week's New Release
receptacle, there is
one record that's 
truly noteworthy.

Produced by award-winning ace, Paul Moak, the debut record from Carrollton offers roots rockers a delicious slice of American(a) pie.

Comprised of frontman / guitarist Justin Mosteller, bassist Jordan Bailey, lead guitarist Jeremy Menard and drummer Michael Loy, the Kentucky-based combo recorded Breathe in Deep at Moak's famed Smoakstack Studio in Nashville.

The super-charged lead single, "Pass You By," gets the record off to a crunchy start. The song's initial guitar-driven, U2-like edge surrenders quickly to an undeniable Third Day charm, as it offers the powerful and intoxicating message, Breathe in deep and set your worry free — before the moment's just a memory. Don't let the beauty of this life pass you by. The track currently is garnering YouTube clicks at a fever pitch.

"This is Life" is another of the record's more high-octane tunes. And while "Red" makes for a catchy sing-along, the acoustic-based "Death Has Lost Its Way" is beautifully organic.

Laced with tight-knit vocal harmonies and a bold, yet simple message of faith, "You are Faithful" possesses a classic Gospel feel and is perhaps the record's highlight.

-Christopher Long

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