Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CONCERT REVIEW: Violectric (2.23.14)

@ Dexter's
Winter Park, FL

What could be more 
musically appealing 
than chicks in black
corsets, wearing 8" 
stilettos while playing 
violins? Not much.

Any rock band that soundchecks with Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" instantly projects a definite cool factor. But this wasn't just any rock band. In fact, the string ensemble known as Violectric  is hands-down the best rock band in Central Florida — a bold claim that was substantiated during the group's recent  Winter Park concert performance.

The three keys to a successful business (even the rock and roll business) are location, location, location. And with loaded wooden wine racks and endless works of fine art gracing practically every square inch of wall space, Dexter's atmosphere and geographically appealing locale made for the perfect setting in which Violectric would unveil its debut CD, One — not only at the merch table, but also live onstage.

Elizabeth Chaconas performing with
Violectric at Dexter's in Winter Park, FL.
Cellist, Yamilet Trujillo,
of Violectric (2.23.14).
It was standing room only at the super-chic hot spot, as the band kicked off their first set at 6:30PM.

Led by founding frontchick and accomplished violinist, Michelle Jones, the band carved up and served slices of their debut record in short order. Featuring an array of well-known pop / rock favorites from The Who, The Police, The Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, Maroon 5 and many others, Violectric meticulously recreated One — "live on stage, song for song, note for note."

But be sure that despite the classical strings aspect, Violectric oozes authentic rock cred. And from their big and boomy live concert sound to their high-energy onstage presentation, the band packs plenty-o-punch (and crunch).

Violinist Brandy Moulden with 
special new friend, following 
Violectric's recent CD release party.
Following a brief intermission, set #2 ensued, kicking off with Jones' heartfelt message to fans. "We practice these songs and we memorize these songs," she confessed, "and we play them ALL totally — LIVE." A young woman who clearly exudes her love of music, Jones' unbridled passion seemingly is shared by the entire Violectric ensemble, as there never once was a moment when beaming smiles were absent from the faces of the talented troupe.

Boasting powerful classics that could make for an even mightier sophomore album, the second set offered more high-octane highlights — including unique show-stopping renditions of such epic tunes as Van Halen's "Jump," Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" and "Sweet Child O' Mine" from Guns N' Roses.

Violectric's founding violinist, 
Michelle Jones, with a young fan 
during the Dexter's meet-and-greet.
Another noteworthy second set triumph was the remake of The Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun." After 45 years, Violectric succeeded in breathing fresh, new life into this oft covered standard. Chills.

However, THE musical highlight of the evening was the jaw-dropping interpretation of Metallica's heavy metal anthem, "Nothing Else Matters." As I've said before, the only problem with Metallica is, Metallica. But once the band itself is removed from the equation, many of their songs are pretty darn tasty. And Violectric captured the true essence of this one — making it uniquely their own. "Metal Horns" extended in total approval, dude.

In sum, on record and on stage, Violectric is a supreme rock band of the highest order. Hmm, I'd sure be psyched to hear what they'd do with  "Blitzkrieg Bop."

-Christopher Long
(February 2014)

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  1. Awesome review, and spot on. I was fortunate enough to have attended that show and they did knock it out of the park, didn't they? I can't wait for their next CD - and the release party that I'm hoping they'll throw. I'll be there with bells on.