Wednesday, February 12, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Carim Hyatt "The Importance of Salvation"

The Importance
of Salvation
- Carim Hyatt -

I just love discovering
new author who has
something to say.

Jamaican-born author Carim Hyatt currently serves in the music ministry at Christian Life Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida — and clearly, he's a man with a bold passion for God and for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

His debut book, The Importance of Salvation, is a concise, 70+ page devotional that's easy to read and understand. It offers many of Hyatt's personal perspectives and life experiences — all of which are backed up by relevant Scriptures.

I look forward to reading Hyatt's future work and to see how his writing develops and his ministry blossoms.

Carim Hyatt's The Importance of Salvation — check it out on AMAZON and YOUTUBE.

-Christopher Long
(February 2014)



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