Monday, January 13, 2014

TOP 10 BEST ALBUMS OF THE '90s (Guest Post)

(Photo: Kevin Roberts)
My son Jesse is back
by popular demand!
His recent year-end
guest feature quickly
became my #1 most-
viewed post for last
year. And fortunately
for us, he had some
time today between his
bi-coastal excursions
to reflect a bit on my
all-time least favorite
decade — the dark
and dismal 1990s.

Jesse Long was born in October 1993. Hence, he wasn't even around when several of his favorite '90s records were released. Proudly, I must admit that many of his top picks are reflective of my impeccable parenting. However, some of his other choices clearly indicate that his mother must have drank heavily during the pregnancy. I'll let you be the judge...

By Jesse Long

Make Yourself

Sparkle and Fade

La Sexorcisto

Tragic Kingdom

superdrag smackhead
psychoplastic gogopunk

Size 14

Mechanical Animals


Face Rake

Rust in Peace

-Jesse Long
(January 2014)

*Well done once again, son. I've probably owned most of these records at some point over the years and I actually agree with a few of your choices. I'd forgotten about The Kill — a real gem, to be sure. And there never will be a time when that Everclear record doesn't completely rock. But I didn't know that you even liked Megadeth. Crazy! I enjoy your posts, so keep 'em coming.


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