Thursday, December 19, 2013

RECORD REVIEW: Holly Starr "Yeshua, Jesus"

Yeshua, Jesus
(O Come Let Us Adore Him)

FYI, it's not too late in
the season to discover
a shiny new Christmas

2013 will go down in my personal journal as the year I discovered the music of Holly Starr. Simply put, her unique brand of pop defines "pure perfection." Read my April 2013 review of her album Focus HERE.

Starr wraps up an epic year with the release of an epic holiday single — one that quickly has become my personal all-time favorite — one that also beautifully captures the true meaning of Christmas.

Yeshua, Jesus (O Come Let Us Adore Him) is traditional-sounding enough to warm the ol' cockles, yet it's so fun, you'll wanna bust open a bag of Skittles and really celebrate!.

HOLLY STARR: Brimming with holiday 
cheer on her new Christmas single.
In her typical Starr-like style, the production here is simply world-class — offering endless layers of guitars, an array of drum and percussion work, loads of orchestration and of course, her signature angelic vocals. Oh yeah, Starr's funky-fresh Fender Roads track sends this one over the moon!

What a treat. What a treasure. Perhaps next year we'll be blessed to get a full-length "All-Starr" Christmas classic!

Holly Starr's Yeshua, Jesus (O Come Let Us Adore Him) — get it NOW for just 99¢ on Amazon and iTunes!

-Christopher Long
(December 2013)

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