Wednesday, November 27, 2013

PINK TUESDAY 2013: Third Anniversary Celebration

P I N K   T U E S D A Y

We witness the horrifying
unfold in the news each year —
millions of Americans camped
outside of supercenters on
Thanksgiving night. They brave
the elements — huddled together
with thermoses of hot coffee 
while schmoozing with their
newest "besties"— the same 
strangers with whom they will
soon fight Hunger Games-style
all for the sake of scoring a
few holiday bargains. Is this
what Christmas has come to?

In 2011, I debuted a new holiday tradition. Safer than Black Friday, sexier than Cyber Monday, it's...  PINK TUESDAY!

This is the day that I designated for ultra-hip and super-savvy shoppers to converge on thrift stores from coast to coast and to cash in on real bargains on truly groovy gifts for friends and loved ones on their holiday shopping lists. I mean, who cares about rock bottom-priced  iGadgets when you can give or receive such awesome goodies as Kenny Rogers  cassettes (with missing inserts), copies of Forrest Gump on VHS for 25¢ and slightly stained cocktail dresses from the '80s.

PINK TUESDAY always has, and always will, be observed on the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving. However, due to my missionary trip to Nicaragua next week, I  celebrated the 2013 tradition, today. And holy cow, I discovered a new thrifting destination!

Located at 2939 W. New Haven Ave. in Melbourne, FL, The Women's Center / Furniture and More isn't sleek or chic. However, it is a freaking treasure trove.

This year's PINK TUESDAY
celebration was epic indeed.
Nicaragua, here I come!
From clothing and accessories to electronics, DVDs, LPs, books, home furnishings and more, it's all here — housed in what I estimate to be a 20,000 square foot storefront. The selection is stellar, the prices are reasonable, the staff is courteous, and you don't stick when touching the merch — a big plus. 

When I first established the worldwide holiday two years ago, I predicted that PINK TUESDAY likely would get hijacked and I asked my legions of readers to remember that they heard about  PINK TUESDAY here, first  — from me, Christopher Long, the "Show Biz Guru." So I wasn't particularly shocked to discover yesterday that in 2012, Henry Timms had designated the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving as national "Giving Tuesday." Timms' brainchild was created to encourage people to make it a day of giving to their personal  charity of choice.

"Giving Tuesday" — an effort so awesome and inspiring that I don't even mind sharing what was MY day. (LOL)

I met Bernice, today while thrifting today. I
 expect us to be "Facebook Official" VERY soon!
Yes, I'll be in the jungle, battling Satan on this year's official PINK TUESDAY, so  I'm counting on everyone to make me proud. But wherever you may be next Tuesday, and whatever plans you may have, I encourage you to THINK PINK and give! Now go in peace, go in love and remember — Christ IS the reason for the season!

-Christopher Long
(November 2013)

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