Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DVD REVIEW: REO Speedwagon "Live at Moondance Jam"

Live at Moondance Jam

My site literally is
hemorrhaging REO
content this fall. And
for good reason. Riding
a tremendous recent
wave, the iconic
rock band currently is
on a year-long U.S.
concert trek. They also 
have just released a
spectacular new live
DVD / CD package.

Prior to racking up a mammoth string of Top 40 singles and platinum-selling albums during the '80s, REO Speedwagon cemented its reputation on the road as a must-see live act during the '70s. And today, in the new millennium, post-MTV era, that's exactly where its legacy remains preserved. So it's only fitting that in 2013, America's best-loved band has released a deluxe Blu-ray Disc / DVD / CD concert to commemorate its 45 years of blistering rock and roll.

Shot live on a state-of-the-art concert stage during the 2010 Moondance Jam in Walker, Minnesota, this disc offers fans razor-sharp, hi-def video and fist-pumping, crystal-clear audio.

Frontman Kevin Cronin leads his crew — bassist Bruce Hall, keyboardist Neal Doughty, guitarist Dave Amato and drummer Bryan Hitt through a dazzling, high-energy, hour-plus performance that features some of the band's biggest anthems.

REO Speedwagon has, without question, been at the top of its game in recent years. And Live at Moondance Jam showcases a band that not only remains relevant in today's iUniverse, but one that also has plenty of gas in the tank. "Alright Moondance," Cronin announces mightily to the estimated crowd of more than 20,000 diehards. "It is time to break out the classic rock, heavy artillery, baby!" 'Nuff sed. 

Track Listing:
Don't Let Him Go, Keep on Loving You 
In Your Letter, Take It on the Run 
Keep Pushin', Golden Country 
Can't Fight This Feeling, Like You Do 
Time for Me to Fly, Back on the Road Again  
Roll with the Changes, Ridin' the Storm Out 
157 Riverside Avenue 

Blu-ray / DVD Bonus: 
Interview with Kevin Cronin

In sum, Live at Moondance Jam is a tremendous treat and serves as the ultimate REO concert experience. It places fans smack dab in the front row, but without the anxieties of that annoying, sweaty, six-foot-six guy blocking your view, or the drunken fat girl behind you, puking on your new leather jacket. A must-have, to be sure!

-Christopher Long
(November 2013) 


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