Tuesday, October 8, 2013

RECORD REVIEW: A Brilliant Lie "Waking Vessels"

Waking Vessels 

After breaking through
the glass ceiling of the
East Coast rock scene
with the release of
their debut record,
Regarding Harry Lime,
Orlando, Florida's
crunchy combo,
A Brilliant Lie, is
back swinging with a
stellar sophomore set.

A Brilliant Lie first began to coagulate in 2009 — rising from the ashes of a previous project involving frontchick / guitarist Tara Lightfoot and bassist Zachary Teman. By 2010, guitarist Tim Cook-Berry and drummer James Christopher Lane both had come on board and the kids were on their way.

Although Teman describes the band's experience producing its 2011 debut as an "interesting / painful process," the payoff was enormous. Featuring the video / radio single, "Live While Sleeping,"  Regarding Harry Lime quickly introduced A Brilliant Lie to a huge audience. And in short order, the band was playing throughout the South with an eclectic list of chart-busting headliners, including AnberlinCoheed & Cambria and Snoop Dogg.

A Brilliant Lie
The band soon faced the daunting task of creating a follow-up record. They first began the process of selecting the right producer for the project. A list of 60 prospective candidates from around the country was whittled down to ten. James Paul Wisner (Paramore Underoath) ultimately was tapped for the gig. In late 2012, the arduous six-month pre-production process officially was underway. After honing the best six tunes from an initial crop of more than a dozen, the band entered Wisner's Orlando / St. Cloud studio last summer finally to begin work. One month later, the recording was complete. Next — mastering, layout, pressing, generating pre-release buzz — oy vey!

A Brilliant Lie's Tara Lightfoot 
onstage in Orlando - 2013.
(Photo: Christopher Long)
"It's high-energy 
from front to back."
-Zachary Teman

But to the delight of their salivating legions, the wait is over. After a year's worth of nut-busting effort, A Brilliant Lie will release their sophomore record, Waking Vessels on October 17th.

Featuring the lead-off video / radio single, "Red Eyes (of Thoughts Awry)," the new record perfectly captures the band's signature snap, crackle and punch — but this time in a more cohesive, well-produced package.

Zachary Teman live 
in Orlando - 2013.
(Photo: Christopher Long)
"It's bigger than 
we expected." 
-Zachary Teman 

Despite a mini-album running time, Waking Vessels is chock full of highlights. Lightfoot possesses the voice of an angel on the sweet-meets-savage-sounding "There I Said It." The rhythm section combo of Teman and Lane hits listeners like a mighty battering ram on "Taller," while Berry's guitar work outshines the best of 'em on "Lockets."

In sum, Waking Vessels  was worth the wait — and the effort. It serves as an impressive showcase — presenting A Brilliant Lie as a young band that's growing and evolving, both as musicians and songwriters. www.ABrilliantLie.com

-Christopher Long
(October 2013)

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