Monday, October 14, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: "Another 60 Minutes of Wisdom" by Derek Grier

Another 60 Minutes 
of Wisdom 
- Derek Grier -

With all of life's urgencies — mastering 
the latest "kill 'em all" video game, 
Tweeting, texting, Snapchatting and 
viewing the endless crop of YouTube 
clips depicting cats playing piano, who 
has time for details anymore? Hence, 
if you've got something to say, you
better say it in 60 seconds or less — 
or else you're likely gonna lose your 
audience. Hey, those cats are
pretty darn cute!

My immediate impression upon first receiving ANOTHER 60 MINUTES OF WISDOM: Growth on the Go was — Oh great, another self-help guru, hocking the latest "feel-good." But as they say, never judge a book by its cover.

Author Derek Grier founded the Grace Church in Dumfries, Virginia back in 1998. Culled from his various 60-second radio talks that he first launched back in 2008, this is the 2013 follow-up to Grier's 2009 debut, 60 MINUTES OF WISDOM: Insights in an Instant.

Grier apparently is NOT a "guru." He's a pastor who possesses a passion for God and for the Word of God. He loves Jesus and clearly also has a heart for worship, service and people. And I certainly wouldn't classify his latest as a mere "feel-good" — although it did make me feel very good. But I always come away feeling good when I'm inspired and encouraged by the Word of God — especially when I'm hearing from someone else who's inspired and encouraged by the Word of God.

Clocking in at under 100 pages, ANOTHER 60 MINUTES OF WISDOM is a quick, concise and easy-to-read life guide. It's broken up into three fast-paced sections (Personal Growth, Relationships and Leadership) and each page (or so) represents one of Grier's popular 60-second radio messages. As a result, he makes his point in short order — and he does it by engaging readers with unique personal experiences, insights and humor.

Be sure, the title does not tout the author's "wisdom," but rather God's wisdom. It's a modern-day book of proverbs that addresses a host of such compelling topics as marriage, self-respect, patience, time management, relationship choices and much more — all of which is backed up 100% by relevant Scriptures.

For believers, it's a must-read. For non-believers, it's a must-read. Heck, making sound life choices is advantageous to everyone, regardless of which side of the spiritual fence you reside. In sum, ANOTHER 60 MINUTES OF WISDOM is an absolute, slam-dunk winner — one that I'm already recommending personally to friends, family and ministry colleagues!

-Christopher Long
(October 2013)

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