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Simply Outrageous!

From the backstreets
on Florida's beaches to
center stage at extreme
motor events — from 
the small screen to the 
big screen — from the
wrestling ring to the red
carpet — the creations of
Parker Brothers Concepts
push the envelope and 
raise eyebrows.

Life as the "Show Biz Guru" is rarely boring. I never know from day to day where I'm going to wind up or what fascinating people I'm going to meet.

"Dude, I'm headed to Parker Brothers Concepts at 1:00 this afternoon," engineer Damion Johnson announced in short order upon calling me the other morning. "You wanna come along?"

"Heck yeah!" was my immediate response. "Can I bring my camera?"

"No problem," he assured me. "Those guys are totally cool."

One of their most outrageous creations, 
PBC designed and built THE SHREDDER for 
the 2012 Hollywood premier of BATTLESHIP.
Brothers Marc and Shanon Parker both had relocated from Greenville, South Carolina to Florida's Space Coast by 2005. Sharing a passion for the extreme, they launched their custom vehicle operation, Parker Brothers Concepts, in 2010. With their bold, Dream Big  Build Bigger philosophy, PBC quickly developed an impeccable reputation throughout the industry and in 2012, their reality TV series, Dream Machines debuted on the SyFy Network.

PBC shop foreman Ron Sarnes discussing 
design plans with engineer Damion Johnson.
Dream Machines  gives viewers an up-close and personal behind-the-scenes look at PBC's day-to-day operations — taking fantasy vehicles from TV, movies and comic books and bringing them into the real world. Some of the show's most compelling episodes feature PBC's celebrity clients such as chart-busting rap person 50 Cent and reigning wrestling superstar John Cena.

The future of law enforcement?
Maybe I should re-think my career options.
For a guy like me who grew up in a motorcycle family with an auto-crazed  dad who seemingly was always in the garage tinkering, customizing and restoring, my visit to the PBC facility was an amazing experience. The enormous warehouse looked exactly how I remembered seeing it on TV, and it was packed to the rafters with outrageous creations in various stages of development.

"Our plates are darn 
full, for sure."
-Marc Parker 

With a penchant for big wheels and a goal of becoming Hollywood's "go-to guys," Shanon is the Chief Designer for Parker Brothers Concepts, while Marc is the Engineering Specialist who assumes the rather daunting task of taking Shanon's Turbo Teen-inspired fantasies and making them functional realities — an engaging television dynamic to be sure.

 This sweet little ride was used in the Gumball 3000.
Everyone at PBC was extremely cool, hospitable and gracious. And I got the distinct impression that, as portrayed on Dream Machines, this is a family.

There was a buzz of behind-the-scenes activity during my visit, with most of the staff holed up for a time in a backroom meeting. Yet I was allowed total unsupervised access to the joint. "Take as many pictures as you want," I was told. Wow — extremely cool indeed!

Me with the Parker brothers and 
their infamous "Green Machine."
As Damion and I were leaving, Marc and Shanon managed to squeeze in a few minutes to come out, say "hello" and pose for a few photos. While Marc and I briefly discussed their overwhelming current schedule, he mused that their next project would be a custom-built time machine. Hey, "Never say it can't be done!" 

-Christopher Long
(September 2013)



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  1. I saw an original Batmobile that someone made. It blew fire out the back, and had a working parachute. I wish I had gotten a photo of it!