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One of the most personally
rewarding aspects of the
author experience is getting
together and mixing it up
one-on-one with readers
via live appearances 
shaking hands, sharing
stories and... signing books. 
Later this summer, I'll be
joining forces with Bruce 
Marion and Bill Yerkes for 
special multi-author 
Florida event. The more 
the merrier, indeed!

w/ Bruce Marion
Bill Yerkes and Christopher Long
Saturday - August 3rd - 1-4PM
4970 Stack Blvd. - Stack Plaza #B3 
Melbourne, FL 32901 / 321.727.3000

(Surf Chaser Publishing)

"What a journey down memory lane.
A slice of life on the road with the
touring band at the peak of an era."
-Al Jardine 
(Founding Beach Boy)

Bill Yerkes is a Hall of Fame surfer, surfboard builder, musician, film maker and photographer. His book offers 160 glossy pages, packed with rare, behind-the-scenes photos. The first concert that I ever attended was The Beach Boys at the Lakeland Civic Center on January 7, 1977. Personally, I prefer them over The Beatles. And as a fan, I certainly will be buying my own copy of this one from Bill at the event!

Bruce Marion

A rare snakebite incident 
draws Atlanta police detective 
Brian 'Buddy' Cole into a web 
of cold-hearted bank robberies, 
double-crossing and slithering 
weapons of assassination. With 
his new partner Jill Chen, Buddy 
makes the rounds from Vegas 
to New Orleans in the hunt 
for 'Snakeman' Shapiro.

Bruce and I have been friends for many years. As an author, musician, songwriter, performer and business owner, he's one of the most talented guys I know. And I'm honored that he invited me to participate in this upcoming author event.

Christopher Long
(Digital Books International)

"Long has dished up something 
akin to the rock 'n' roll version 
of 'The Cross and Switchblade'." 
-Gail Worley
(Rock Critic at Large /

Combining accounts of my personal experiences in the entertainment world with a bold Christian message, C'MON! has been a popular faith-based Kindle title since its release in 2012.

Saturday, August 3rd, Melbourne, FL — Come on out and say, "hi!"

-Christopher Long 
(June 2013)

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