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BOOK REVIEW: "PROOF" by Jordyn Redwood

- Jordyn Redwood -
Kregel Publications
Pinned against the snow-covered
backdrop of the Colorado Rockies,
PROOF is a bona fide thriller. The
first in Jordyn Redwood's Bloodline
Trilogy, the story had me on the 
edge of my seat from start to finish. 

A serial murderer / rapist is on the loose — a heinous crime spree that's seemingly touching the lives of the entire staff at Sage Medical Center as well as a growing number of innocent victims throughout the Denver area. Time is of the essence, as he'll surely strike again — soon. So, whodunit? While your initial hunch may be confirmed at the halfway point, Redwood's story is just ramping up. It will take much more than reliable hearsay to bring this devil to justice — it's gonna take rock solid, ironclad PROOF. And as they say, "the devil is in the details."

Aside from a riveting storyline, PROOF's two primary assets are:

1) Compelling and well-crafted characters. I felt as if I walked away knowing (and caring) more about Dr. Lilly Reeves and Detective Nathan Long than I do about some of my closest BFFs. (Hey Nate! Grab me another cold Mountain Dew from the fridge, will ya?)

2) Redwood's expertise in the fields of Critical Care and Emergency Nursing combined with an impeccable knack for storytelling allows her to paint vivid, realistic and accurate accounts of ER drama and crime scene investigation.

I was also drawn particularly to the underlying faith-based sidestory — a powerful message of God's love and grace. But fear not, non-believers, the Jesus factor does little to compromise PROOF's  edge.

As I'd burned through to the last few pages, I breathed a sigh of relief — Ah, closure. I finally know how it's gonna end. Not so fast there, Hot Shot. Redwood will zing ya right up to the very end.

Simply put, I'm the latest and greatest Bloodline fan. Bring on Part II!

-Christopher Long
(May 2013)

Jordyn Redwood's 
Bloodline Trilogy
PROOF (June 1, 2012)
POISON (February 22, 2013)
PERIL (September 1, 2013)



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