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(Pt. XI)

I can't believe that I've 
not posted any thrift-
related content since 
feature last fall. Well, 
I'm certainly ready to 
make up for lost time. 

It's certainly been a banner week for thrifting. I ventured out for my first excursion in quite a while — converging on three locations over the last couple of days.

I started out on Thursday morning at one my favorite spots, the Goodwill on Courtenay Parkway in Merritt Island, Florida. I've blogged about this place previously. It's huge — 10,000+ square feet. It's clean, well-staffed and well-stocked. Unfortunately, on this day it was considerably busier than usual. In fact, after a couple of painful run-ins with opposing shopping carts, I felt that it might be better to bail out early and head to the next destination — but not before I spotted a real find — an instructional French language cassette for $1.

A French instructional cassette for just $1.00.
But can I actually learn to speak the language?
Oui! Oui!
In conjunction with The Sharing Center, one of my favorite charities, The Big Thrift has two locations serving Florida's Brevard County area. And I was psyched to visit the Merritt Island store for the first time.

Clearly a case of quality over quantity, this shop is smaller than most, yet it houses a treasure trove of amazing goodies. And I showed up on the right day, as everything (excluding jewelry and furniture) was half-price. Plus, several clothing racks in back offered 50¢ items. In sum, I walked out with two new hats, a new hot pink top and a black leather purse in which to carry my important guy stuff — all for less than $5.

I dedicated the entire next day to visiting my all-time favorite thrifting destination — Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, located on Highway A1A in Indian Harbour Beach. This place is so monstrous that it occupies two buildings — both packed to the gills with the most incredible crap anywhere.

Apparently all of Florida's 40-plus-year-old 
band dudes also shop at Holy Name!
Each building offers its own unique vibe. While the sound system in the back building pumps a local radio station that plays an  array of super hits from the 70s, the "Golden Girls" up at the front register blast an eclectic music mix. The last time that I visited the shop at Holy Name, we were treated to an assortment of stellar show tunes. However, today we were offered an hour-long Elton John marathon. And it wasn't his kick ass, "I'm still in the closet," circa '74 stuff either. It was all from his, "Hey this my partner Steve," circa '85, "I've run out of material" era. Yikes! The playlist even included a syntho, techno, disco remake of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" — a duet with a talented male vocalist. Kiki was so missed.

Although regrettably I had to pass on the Hannah Montana bathrobe, I did score a couple of fun tops that surely will be the envy of all the guys in my Bridge Club.

This Hannah Montana
robe was just too small.
Tanya Tucker on 8-Track
And for the kids looking to beef up their personal music libraries, Holy Name boasted a slew of hot releases from the likes of Tanya Tucker, Herb Alpert and Barbra Streisand — ALL on hi-fidelity 8-Track tapes. Good stuff to be sure.

All in all, this week's thrifting expedition was a slam dunk experience. Now, where to next week?

-Christopher Long
(April 2013)

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