Sunday, March 31, 2013


Photos: Michelle Wilson

It was one of the biggest 
events of the year — 
the Easter festivities at 
the Viera Regional 
Community Center. 
And there I was, right in 
the thick of the action. 

It was all happening — Saturday, March 30. Thousands converged — moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas and kids of all ages — ready to experience the annual Spring Craft Show and Egg Hunt in Viera, Florida. And this year, in addition to radio station broadcasts, games and vendors, there was an added bonus.

A dozen of the area's top bakers were on-hand to participate in a little tasty competition — the Space Coast Cup- cake Challenge. Set up in the gym of the Viera Regional Community Center, these culinary kingpins gleefully offered up thousands of free samples to contest judges — the John Q. Public.

Peanut butter and chocolate delights,
courtesy of Cupcakes on Main
(Tittusville, FL)
I've never actually tasted heaven, but I imagine 
that if I did, it would taste exactly like these 
raspberry / lemon treats from Signature Desserts.
I've written extensively over the years regarding my passion for cupcakes. I mean, c'mon, who doesn't love 'em? Especially FREE ones!  Yikes, there was an  impending  sugar coma,  for sure.

And I was completely overwhelmed. Fighting my way through the mob of people, I balanced a tray full of delicious samples on one hand, while the other was occupied with texting notes  on my trusty flip phone and struggling to clutch the stack of business cards that I was dropping everywhere. Thank goodness my staff photographer Michelle was by my side, prepared to get some great shots — no, not with my flip phone.

And what a scene it was. By the time Michelle and I were leaving at around 10:30AM, a Van Halen-size crowd had arrived. There were kids running around with Easter baskets overflowing with cupcakes. Hmm, maybe I was in Heaven!

The cupcakes pictured to the far left
and far right tasted like an amazing 
orange creamsicle. Out of this world!
Kudos to Sweets Revenge.
 Me with Carlia from Carlia's Cakery 
at the Cupcake Challenge.
My only regret was that I simply couldn't get cards, contact info and photos of all of the fantastic cupcake contestants.

And be sure that all of these bakers were supremely talented and their products were all delicious works of art. However, I can't deny that I'm a particularly huge fan of Carlia's Cakery. Owned and operated by Carlia Alderman, I've sampled her creations on several occasions and I even have had the pleasure of working personally with Carlia in the wedding reception  biz. Simply put, she's a consummate pro and the quality of her work is impeccable.

In sum, the Space Coast Cupcake Challenge was a huge success and we had an awesome time. But for me, the only "challenge" was walking away!

-Christopher Long
(March 2013)

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  1. Great article!!! I'd be happy to provide you with some more Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes!! :)

    1. Wow, fabulous -- I'll be right over!

      It was a pleasure meeting you.