Wednesday, January 23, 2013

TOUR TALES 2013 (Pt. 3)

(Pt. 3)

Day three of the
author tour brought us
to The Hummingbird
in Macon, Georgia.
We had a great time
meeting, greeting and
sharing stories.
And as Brent posted
on Facebook
"When in Rome..."

Brent and I outside The Hummingbird
in downtown Macon, Georgia.
We spent most of Tuesday morning digging out from our igloos in Chattanooga. We ultimately got on the road — heading for our evening appearance in Georgia — blasting the authentic sounds of vintage Black Crowes music on the rental car hi-fi system as we traveled through the Old South. "When in Rome," indeed.

By 1PM we had arrived at the legendary Hummingbird and spent some time hanging out and having lunch in old downtown Macon. Soon we were off in pursuit of a hotel and after a little r&r we made our way back to The Hummingbird for our book signing.

Brent and I enjoyed connecting with our new friends in Macon, and as in Chattanooga, we were captivated by the stories that they had to share with us. Good times, to be sure.

A few of our new friends in Macon!

After our signing wrapped up, the club's weekly Tuesday night Open Mic festivities ensued. And being from Canada, both Brent and his sidekick Steve were excited to lock in at The Hummingbird for the night and take in some live local music. Although I still had some work to do online back at the hotel, I reasoned, "When in Rome," and I stuck around for a while.

Author Brent Jensen performing at
The Hummingbird in Macon, GA.
I knew that Brent was a solid guitarist, but I didn't realize that he's also a powerhouse vocalist. And when he took the stage to sit in with local players for a jam, I was blown away. Nailing classic tunes from an array of artists including Johnny Cash, Bob Seger, and Guns N' Roses, Brent definitely held his own with the hometown cats and was one of the best players of the night.

But we soon had to call it a night as we had a long day ahead, traveling to Jacksonville, Florida for our Wednesday night appearance at Young, Loud and Snotty. TO BE CONTINUED...

-Christopher Long
(January 2013)

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