Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TOUR TALES 2013 (Pt 2): Hello Chattanooga!

(Pt 2) 
Hello Chattanooga!

Brent and I are having a 
blast on the tour. But it's
Day two brought us to Chad's 
Records in Chattanooga, TN.

Steve and Brent taking in the sights.
With temperatures in the low 30s, we hit the streets in downtown Chattanooga early on Monday morning. Our in-store appearance at Chad's Records wasn't scheduled until 7PM so Brent, Jesse, Steve and I wanted to take advantage of having a full day in which to simply chill (literally) and to take in the sights of a city that is rich in culture and history. Here are just a few hightlights...

Originally built in 1908,
The Thompson House
is one of several
refurbished sites located
in Chattanooga's 

Incredible works of art are displayed
prominently throughout Chattanooga's
Art District.


Jesse's college-age cronies having
been boasting for years about
Chattanooga's infamous pizza
joint, The Mellow Mushroom.
Today, he got to finally
experience it for himself!


Simply put, Cupcake Kitchen
is the sweetest place on earth.
Run by Helene Grzybowski, 
it's a thriving, family-owned
operation. The original
Hixson, TN location opened
in 2011 and the new shop in
Chattanooga opened just last week.

FYI, the Strawberry Shortcake
cupcake at Chattanooga's Cupcake 
Kitchen is a delicious gift from God.

As late afternoon approached, we headed back to our hotel to prep for the book signing at Chad's. Brent and I both spent considerable time during our teenage years hanging out at  our local record shops — back when they were truly record shops. I've visited countless used record shops around the country over the years, and per square foot, there is more treasure under Chad's roof than any place I've been. Brent and I were like little kids in a candy store at Chad's and we both had an amazing time meeting, greeting, sharing stories, making new friends and of course, shopping.            

Brent with Chad's Records 
owner, Chad Bledsoe.
There was NOTHING about
Chad's that I didn't love!
We had an absolutely fabulous time in Chattanooga, and personally, I can't wait to come back. But for now, it's off to our next tour stop — Tuesday night at The Hummingbird in Macon, GA. It ought to be fun. STAY TUNED!

-Christopher Long
(January 2013)

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  1. Thank you Christopher for the wonderful comments about my little bakery, we are very proud to be serving the Hixson and Chattanooga area, as you can see we LOVE what we do!! So happy you enjoyed the Strawberry Shortcake, it is one of my Favorites as well.
    Please come back to visit when in Chattanooga.