Monday, January 21, 2013

TOUR TALES 2013 (Pt. 1)

(Pt. 1)
And we're off!
My 2013 author tour
with Canadian writer
Brent Jensen kicked
off officially Sunday
morning (1/20) as our 
entourage convened 
at the Orlando 
International Airport.

My alarm rang precisely at 7:30 Sunday morning. I DJ'd at a club the night before and with minimal sleep I had to spring immediately into action, as I still had to deal with last minute packing. By 10AM I'd picked up my son and tour sidekick Jesse from his mother's house. We soon were en route to Orlando to pick up my tourmate Brent Jensen and his sidekick Steve from the airport. Their flight from Toronto was right on time — luggage was claimed quickly and the car rental process was a snap. By late afternoon we were well into Georgia — halfway to our Monday night kickoff book signing destination at Chad's Records in Chattanooga, Tennessee. When we left the airport in Orlando the weather was mild and sunny — 73°. By the time we checked in at our hotel in Chattanooga at 11PM it was cold and dark — 38°. Oh crap! The drive from Florida seemed to blow by as Van Halen and Alice Cooper provided the musical soundtrack to our lively conversations. And except for briefly getting a bit turned around in "the hood" just outside of Atlanta (I think that I saw Lil' John outside the All American Package Store), day one was smooth sailing.

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on Amazon.
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2013 Rock and Roll 
Author Tour:

Monday / January 21st / 7PM
(Chattanooga, TN)

Tuesday / January 22nd / 7PM
(Macon, GA)

Wednesday / January 23rd / 6PM
(Atlantic Beach / Jacksonville, FL)

Thursday / January 24th / 7PM
(Melbourne, FL)

Stay tuned for daily blog tour 
updates throughout the week.

-Christopher Long
(January 2013)

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