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He's a true rock superstar.
And in honor of his 61st
birthday, I'm sending a big
shout-out to the "Starchild!"

In my world, there is no rock and roll without KISS co-founder Paul Stanley. My passion for music was ignited initially at age eight by David Cassidy in the early 70s. However, I was inspired to dive head first into my pursuit of the rock and roll dream because of Paul Stanley. It was the guitar-driven sound of KISS' 1975 anthem "Rock and Roll All Nite" that first lured me in. But it was  the "gods of thunder" factor of their iconic 1976 Bi-Centennial poster that delivered the decisive knock-out punch.

KISS - 1976:
The image that forever 
changed my life.
Simply put, Paul Stanley was (and still is) cool. He was THE ultimate rock star that every aspiring male rocker wanted to be and every teenage rocker chick wanted to be with. He's written the songs that make the whole (rock) world sing — "Shout it Out Loud," "Hard Luck Woman," "Love Gun," "I Was Made for Loving You" — the list goes on. His 1978 solo album undeniably is the greatest in the history of rock, and after 40 years, he remains "The King of the Night Time World."

Paul Stanley onstage with KISS in 2012.
(Photo: Rhonda McMahen)
I've enjoyed the ultimate fan experience of meeting Paul Stanley a few times over the years. And despite my consistent overzealous Bieber-like giddiness, he's never punched me — yet.

His music has provided me with a lifetime of enjoyment and the KISS concerts that I've attended over the years have left me with countless incredible memories. In fact, I saw the current half-scab KISS line up on their recent concert tour last summer and my boy was still wiggling, prancing and belting 'em out like it was 1977.

Thanks, Paul. Here's to 61 more!

-Christopher Long

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