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AUTHOR TOUR 2013: The State of Independence

The State of Independence

The last time I was on tour it was
2010. From Florida to Pennsylvania
to Missouri to Oklahoma to Texas
to sunny Southern California, I was
on the road promoting my first book.
I was signed to a traditional
publishing house. As a result, my
personal in-store appearances all 
took place at national chain store
locations. However, my latest
release, C'MON! was released last
year through an indie publisher.
 And in 2013 I'm honored to have
teamed up with Canadian author
Brent Jensen (NO SLEEP 'TIL
SUDBURYfor a U.S. tour that
will take us to some great cities
and some great independent 

"Independent" certainly is the buzzword for this tour — two independent writers with independent books — meeting, greeting and sharing stories with readers at independent shops and clubs throughout America. The first leg of the tour kicks off on January 21st. Here's where we're headed:

Brent and I will be kicking off our
2013 author tour at Chad's Records 
in Chattanooga on January 21st.

JANUARY 21st (7PM)
CHAD'S RECORDS / Chattanooga, TN
Owner Chad Bledsoe is my kinda guy — a dedicated independent businessman with a passion for rock and roll. Chad first opened his used record shop in 1988 — just prior to the death knell announcing the official demise of the vinyl record format. However, despite the ultimate industry domination of the Compact Disc format in the '90s and the more recent iRevolution, Chad's Records  has not only survived, but it continues to thrive. I worked in several Florida-based record shops during my teens and 20s. In the mid-'90s I even (briefly) owned my own shop. Brent Jensen recently commented to me that Chad's reminds him of a shop in Canada where he frequently hung out as a teen. We're both excited about visiting Chad's!

JANUARY 22nd (7PM)
The Hummingbird has been THE nighttime hot spot in Middle Georgia for nearly a decade. A premier live entertainment venue, this club houses a great stage and provides state-of-the-art audio and it reminds me of some of the cool Southeast venues at which I used to play back in my band days. I've heard that there is quite a buzz around town about this event and I'm looking forward to perhaps also getting in on the "Open Mic" experience that immediately follows our appearance.

JANUARY 23rd (6PM)
By its very name, Young, Loud and Snotty is a place where I simply MUST go! Part old school record shop, part skate shop, part rock and roll Mecca, owner Dale Kellerman has combined all of the elements necessary to successfully create a groovy joint — the kinda place where I would likely have bought import LPs back in the day. I spent a lot of time in the Jacksonville area during my rock and roll past — attending concerts and playing gigs and I'm really excited to return. I just hope that Dale hasn't sold that awesome Rocket to Russia poster yet!

JANUARY 24th (7PM)
I'm delighted to be wrapping up the first leg of our tour in my hometown of Melbourne, Florida. As an aspiring teenage rocker dude, my band purchased our first PA system from Florida Discount Music way back in 1978. Current owners Mike and Lisa Della Cioppa recently remodeled the store and it now features a coffee shop / martini bar-type backroom club called Open Mike's. It's a sweet venue for solo acts, duos, small bands and in this case, an author appearance.

Brent and I are psyched to be kicking off the new year, making amazing new friends on the road. I'll be chronicling our entire adventure in a weeklong blog series entitled Tour Tales. It will debut here on January 20th.

-Christopher Long
 (January 2013)

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